Nigerian forum: Jokes - AKPOS VISITS HELL FIRE
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29 Mar 2016 18:12

Akpos died and went to heaven where he met Angel Micheal .. Akpos: “So finally I make heaven after all the rubbish wey I do for life… Thank God for God Oooh!”

Angel Micheal: “Oya come enter ya room”

Akpos: “Bros Micheal, abeg wetin dey for downstairs cos di noise na DIE”

Angel Micheal: “Na hell fire be dat

Akpos: “I fit go peep?”

Angel Micheal: “No wahala but we go lock gate by 5p.m so if you no quick come back you go just stay hell fire” …

(Akpos goes to peep and there he sees all the celebrities that ever lived on earth clubbing and having a lot of fun. Akpos comes back by 4pm and…”

Angel Micheal speaks: “Nice to see you back early my son


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