Nigerian forum: Other - Who killed Abel?
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29 Mar 2016 02:22

Akpors just got admitted
to the
village school,
the best school in d village and it was
akpor first day
in school.
Just the day, an external
inspector was visiting the class 1
by 1 along with the school principal.
teacher was in
class telling them the story of
LION'S DEN when he sighted the principal
and the
inspector heading towards the
The Old and
forgetful CRK teacher wrote GENESIS
as the topic
on the board( but forget what he
wrote ever since he saw the
external inspector).
Class: Good mooooooorning sir, we are
to see u sir.
Inspector: Good morning class,
i can
see your teacher is telling you what
happened in
the book of
Class: Yeeeeeeeees sir.
Inspector (pointing to Akpors)
Inspector:- ok, you there, who
killed Abel?
Akpors: (crying) Sir i don't know,
i have been in
the class just today
ask my friend Amos, i didn't
killed Abel sir.
(angry ): I said who killed Abel?
Akpors: I am a Christian, i can't kill. Even my
mum told me to kill the rat
disturbing her yesterday evening
but am afraid..
I don't
even know this Abel you
are talking of, is he in our
to the old teacher): Ok teacher can
you tell the class
who killed Abel?
(kneels down and
open his
hands wide): My son, How did you
expect me to kill,
what example will i be laying to
students if i kill a
person? Inspector(dissa
ppointed turns to
principal): Ok class the
principal will
help to tell us who killed Abel.
Mr principal,
killed Abel?
Principal: When u came to my
office, didn't you see
me there?
Inspector: I did.
Did u see blood
stains in my hands? Inspector:
Principal: How
could i have killed Abel? where
is the proof
that i did. Maybe it's others teacher,
let's go and ask them?
Na you wey dey read dis kill the

29 Mar 2016 15:04

Na lier na u way post ham kill Able

29 Mar 2016 16:03

Na u wey no dey give good offering to the LORD kill Abel

29 Mar 2016 18:50

If nobi yu, na ur ppl

30 Mar 2016 00:03

Hahaha u are funny abeg make una look for d person wey kill abel ooo lolz

30 Mar 2016 00:19

NO...NO, na our house fly with the contribution of some the mosquitors.

30 Mar 2016 01:22

I swear na the person wey post this thing na hm kill that guy o,,, admin make una hol am o

30 Mar 2016 01:30

Abeg i offend u? Abi u c blood 4 my hand?

30 Mar 2016 01:31

Can‘t stop laughing

30 Mar 2016 01:47

No na you wen post am won kill Abel with laugh

30 Mar 2016 03:22


30 Mar 2016 20:49

Quote by Hadaybissy
Abeg i offend u? Abi u c blood 4 my hand?
ha u no c blood 4 ur heard:D

30 Mar 2016 21:47

Na all of you kill ABEL