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25 Mar 2016 06:47

What is the thing that always cause break up in marriage???

25 Mar 2016 09:12

Unfaithfulness and lack of trust

25 Mar 2016 11:15

Unfaithfulness and the rest are just the children of the main cause.The main reason and the father of marriage break up is lack of focus on the part of most of the men.(1) They go for the beauty of the women.(2) The attraction of her big buttocks or breasts.You would hear a man saying the following.'l must marry that lady no matter what it will cost me.l can't afford to miss that her wriggling waist and big buttocks.So that when l go out with her,people will bow to my choice of wife.l can't miss that lady. She is too beautiful for any sensible man to ignore'.And they will go to any length to get her even if the lady does not have a single atom of love for them.They may continue to shower gifts of every sort on her just to convince her.Unfaithfulness is caused by lack of love and contentment.If you were abled to convinced her and married her,such a marriage would not last.Bcus it was not based on love but materialism.Our fore fathers were abled to hold their marriages to their old age bcus they never marry based on beauty but character.

25 Mar 2016 11:49

For your marriage to last,go for your category lady.Don't be on a salary of N15,000 or N20,000 monthly and go and marry a woman whose make ups and hair dressing a month cost N30,000. And again, not every woman you see on the street is a wife material,the samething is applicable to the men.So before you marry,study the character of the person to see whether both of you can cope.Let your parents or some elderly relations of yours see the person to be.In just a day,the elderly women would tell you whether he/she would be a good wife/husband or not. Character is what we marry and not beauty or succulent breasts or big buttocks.lf your wife or husband loves you,there can never be a case of unfaithfulness.And let me use this medium to tell my fellow men.Please, some of you should stop to debase manhood by going down on your knees to beg a female even being your is a taboo and un-African.Man is a man,no matter the condition.

25 Mar 2016 11:50

True talk

25 Mar 2016 11:52

1. Any building that has wrong foundation is bound to collapse. Therefore, marriage is a gigantic building, correct foundation must be laid to avoid collapse.
2. A lot of people married another man's wife n therefore no compatibility.
3. Another reason is the outcome of Beijing conference.

25 Mar 2016 13:13

Quote by Peace08139057269
Unfaithfulness and lack of trust

That's right.

25 Mar 2016 14:24

10x alot fwenz... lets hear others opinion

25 Mar 2016 15:10

Proverb 19;14 answered it all i.e marring d wrong person,if nt god's gvn. evry body should consider ds god witness some marriages instead of him puttn dem 2geda

25 Mar 2016 23:34

Lack of trust

26 Mar 2016 07:06

1=>Lack of TRUST.
2=>Lack of understanding your partner.

26 Mar 2016 22:44

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27 Mar 2016 02:01

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27 Mar 2016 10:26

lack of understanding and trust

27 Mar 2016 11:37

Trust is fundamental in all relationships but it's most important in marriages. If you court someone for years n I can't establish a trust in the person there is no point in believing that you are gonna trust them when you are married.

27 Mar 2016 17:54

Marriage Is Sometimes Complex And At Times, Simple.
Lack Of Love Is What Causes Breakages In Marriages.
Where There Is True Love, You Will See Trust, Understanding, Open Communication, Complementation Etc.
A Woman Submits Easily To A Loving Man And Vice Versa.
Love Is The Pillar That Holds Everything In Place. It Is The Fulfillment Of The Law.
When The Marital Vow S Being Broken, D Home S On Its Way Of Collapsing.

27 Mar 2016 19:06

Lack of submission,lack of home training, lack of communication and inpatient

27 Mar 2016 23:32

Understanding matter most

29 Mar 2016 00:24

Lack of understanding nd trust

29 Mar 2016 02:55

If d couple dnt walk with God