Nigerian forum: Jokes - (just a joke) SEE ME,SEE WAHALA. I NOR BUY,I NOR SELL.
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25 Mar 2016 04:36

As the taxi driver got to the check point,a policeman stopped him and demanded for N500.'For what?' the driver asked him angrily.And the policeman said,'calm down my friend.Last night l had a dream that l was on duty here and l arrested you for reckless driving and we later resolved it on the condition that you should pay N500.But as you were about to give me the money,l woke up.That is why l want to collect it now.' And the driver said,'Officer,l have paid you in my own dream'.And the policeman said,'Why didn't l see you?'And the driver replied,'Officer,when you were bargaining with me in your own dream,l did not see you and so when l paid you in my own dream you cannot see me too.Since l did not argue with what happened in your dream,then you too should not argue with what happened in my own dream.Abi you think say mumu still dey this world again.

25 Mar 2016 10:54

Nice joke sir

25 Mar 2016 11:56

Drawn game

25 Mar 2016 14:50

Interesting joke

25 Mar 2016 23:30


26 Mar 2016 00:52

i like it.

26 Mar 2016 14:23

do me i do u, no wahala, abi

26 Mar 2016 18:03

that is 50 50 no cheating

26 Mar 2016 21:06

Dream! Dream!!

26 Mar 2016 22:52

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27 Mar 2016 10:24


27 Mar 2016 11:29

So true all squared

27 Mar 2016 16:38

Nice joke

27 Mar 2016 23:01

Mumu police e kw callet d money 4 dream na real e wan kon callet ham u better go back to sleep yaya

27 Mar 2016 23:43

Nice and intresting

28 Mar 2016 12:36

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28 Mar 2016 14:30

Dnt u knw police is ur friend

29 Mar 2016 00:42