Nigerian forum: Education - 10 causes of breast cancer
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24 Mar 2016 01:10

There are some important things some women
need to watch out for regarding causes of
breast cancer
1. Heredity
Heredity is the transmission of parental
characters to their offspring (child). For
instance, a child who is said to be a chip off the
old block, is a child, who looks exactly like his
father. It means such a child inherited all the
features of his father.
For breast cancer likewise, as in other diseases,
a woman can inherit the genes (traits)
responsible for breast cancer from her mother,
if her mother had the disease. Even if her
mother does not have the disease, but her
grandmother had it, there is a probability of
her coming up with breast cancer
2. Frequent abortion
This practice is common among some young
girls, when they are still actively involved in
sexual affair with a particular man, or with
more than two or three men. There have been
reported cases of ladies, who have gone for
abortion more than 13 times.
The reason frequent abortion could cause
breast cancer is that, when a lady is pregnant,
at a particular stage, her breasts would begin
to secrete milk, rich in lactose. As this milk is
not used to feed any baby, they are unused,
and in turn, will have an adverse effect on the
two breasts.
3. Childlessness
It is also known as null parity. A woman who
does not have a child in her lifetime faces a
high risk of having breast cancer. This is so,
because, the major function of her breast,
which is milk production to feed a child, is not
4. Early exposure to menstrual flow
The first menstruation of a girl-child is known
as menarche. Due to the diet some girl-children
are exposed to at an early stage of their lives
or other environmental factors, they start
menstruating very early. A child who starts
menstruating between age nine and 10, faces a
greater risk of breast cancer, when she
becomes an adult.
5. Large breasts
Although, the size of a woman’s breasts could
determine how men are attracted to her.
However, women with large breasts as a result
of obesity, may come up with breast cancer.
Obesity itself, is a predisposing factor to many
other diseases.
6. Hormone replacement
Some women meet surgeons, who carry out
the replacement of some sexual hormones in
them. Also, hormone therapy may make a
woman look more adorable, but the therapy
creates another health hazard for the woman’s
7. Absence of exclusive breastfeeding
In a nursing mother, immediately after she
delivers her baby, the traditional birth
attendants or the midwives, who took charge
of her delivery, will put the nipples of her
breasts into the mouth of her new-born baby
to suck milk.
Exclusive breastfeeding means, a nursing
mother must feed the new born baby, with
only milk from her two breasts, without any
additional food supplements, for the first six
months, after giving birth to the child. It is a
disservice to the child and the mother herself, if
she does not practise this six months
mandatory exclusive breastfeeding.
8. Late marriage
Apart from the risk of coming up with fibroid,
a form of cancer, which women who do not
marry early face, breast cancer is another type
of cancer, they may have. The thought of
career, taken over every thing in the lives of
women, is what should be given a second
thought. Why do women who marry late come
up with breast cancer? The simple scientific
proof and answer to this is that, when the
breasts are not producing milk, for a baby to
suck, there will be accumulation of body
substances, which will trigger abnormal
multiplication of cancer-causing cells in women.
The result being is breast cancer.
9. Prolonged use of oral contraceptive
pills (OCPs)
Oral contraceptive pills are taken to prevent a
woman from becoming pregnant. This may
sound nice for a lady. OCPs are taken by
advocates of family planning. However,
extensive and prolonged use of OCPs create
other problems for a woman. Extensive public
health findings have shown that, there is strong
association between the use of OCPs and risk
of coming up with breast cancers.
10. Late menopause
When a woman does not get to menopause
after some years of not giving birth again, this
also poses a high risk of her, having breast
cancer. A woman, who is still menstruating,
when she is beyond 50 years old, has a high risk
of coming up with cancer of the breast.

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