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23 Mar 2016 11:45

There was this man who had a big scrotum.Due to lack of money he cudn't operate it and so he continued to live with the pains till he wud one day die as he had lost all hope for a solution.One monday morning he went to see his friend who owned a pool office. Just as he left the office,two area boys saw that the front of his trouser bulged out. And they said,'lt seems this man had won a huge money in pool and he is hiding the money in the front of his trouser.'As the man entered a bus,they also entered the bus.They paid for his fare.And the man thanked them.And they said.'Don't mention sir.It is God who sent us to help people.When the man dropped,they also dropped.They got to a pepper soup joint and they said,' sir wud you like to take pepper soup and a bottle of cold beer?' And the man said,yes, O,my children but l don't have money on me'.And they said to him,'Don't worry sir,we will buy for you.'The poor and sick hungry man took two plates of fresh fish pepper soup and two cold bottles of gulder with and an extra take away cost N5000. On their way,the boys deceived him that they wanted to show him their house.As they passed behind a house,they held him down with a pistol. And they said,'Oga make we tell you,no free lunch.We know that you won pool and you are hiding the money inside your trouser.Oya,common bring out the money. The man naked himself and showed them the big srotum and they said,'you will go away scot free after eating our N5000 wey we suffer thief this morning'.And they stabbed the scrotum with a knife and it burst and they fled leaving him. That was how his scrotum got healed.

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23 Mar 2016 20:42

Wonderful miracle

23 Mar 2016 21:31

It's really funy indeed

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23 Mar 2016 23:25

Nice one

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24 Mar 2016 16:52

Painful miracle

24 Mar 2016 21:22

Hmmm,, that judging without reasoning

24 Mar 2016 23:08


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14 Jun 2016 16:41

Hmmmmmm, painful