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23 Mar 2016 01:55

*u ask your far
with reading? They
say they
haven't started...only to get to
the LIBRARY and find out they
have a permanent seat.
* Lecturers will be telling you "buying
my handout is not
compulsory" but
class Rep...let me have the list of those that have
* You graduate with 3.50 and you will be
telling yourself. If it
was to be
UNILAG... I would have been a
4.50 graduate by now.
* If you think true love is the
only thing that is hard to find...try
looking for your HOD when you
need his signature
on a form.
*Any thing you want to do u must you must be on
the line even to enter the school
*You get to class as early as 6.30am only to see
all seats have
been occupied by bags & books abi dem de leave
am for sch go bk house?.
*u have already prepared food but to eat na
wahala because Ure already late for lectures.
* Lecturer: Only 10 students in
class today? Oya tear
a sheet of paper for test....turns to the
board to write. Before he
back-------class don full. Lol
*come night class during exam u go see different
levels of reading. scaning,skimming,jaking and lots
*During exams u will know those who are naturally
beautiful because no time for makeup at all.
Everyone become born- again by force.
* It's always funny when exam
supervisor says
SUBMIT!! And many
students suddenly develop that
super human ability; answering
3hrs question in 50seconds.

23 Mar 2016 09:02

Such a LIFE

23 Mar 2016 10:41


23 Mar 2016 16:18

school life

23 Mar 2016 22:24

Xperience Is The Best Teacher

23 Mar 2016 23:29

All 4 better future

24 Mar 2016 00:47

Amen ooo

24 Mar 2016 00:47

Is d best.