Nigerian forum: Health - 23 Preventive and Curative Powers In Honey.
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18 Mar 2016 15:24

Honey could be defined as the natural sweet substance produced
by honey bees. Honey is the only food source which is known to
contain the 22 nutrients required for a balanced nutrition. It is
easily assimilated into the blood stream for instant energy
production. It cures and prevent the following:
(1) Honey enhances clear sight: Honey can cure cataract and other
eye problems if diluted with clean water and applied directly to the
eye over a long period of time. The clean water should be put in
small clean eye drop container and mixed with about 5-6 drops of honey.
(2) Restores loss of appetite: Grapefruit juice mixed with hone is a valuable remedy for restoring loss of appetite.
(3) Honey cures asthma: A table spoonfull of honey with half glass
of warm water should be taken thrice daily, until the patient is
(4) Honey cures cough: Grind some bitter cola about 5pieces and
mix the powder with 35 cl of natural honey to form a syrup. 3 table
spoonful three times daily for adult and 1 table spoonful three
times daily for children.
(5) Honey enhances proper erection in men, it contains zinc, the sexual mineral, a table spoonful of honey dissolved with a half glassful of hot water taken an hour before sex, is a good remedy for weak erection.
(6) Honey mixed with olive oil, when massaged on the scap and
left on the hair for 30mnutes before shampooing is a good
treatment for hair loss.
(7) Honey cures stomach ulcer. A mixture of 2 table spoonfuls of
honey in warm water could be taken few minutes before each
meal. The bacterium is eliminated from the stomach by honey.
(8) Honey taken with some water before going to bed enhances
sound sleep
(9) Honey cures sore throat. Add the juice of one lemon to a cup of
hot water sweeten with two table spoonful of honey and drink
(10) Cures dry skin when mixed with body scream
(11) supplies energy and body stamina
(12) Aids proper fnctioning of the liver due to fructose content
which enhance glycogen secretion in the liver
(13) Improves the intellect
(14) Heals burns and prevent scars and keloid when applied directly
to the affected skin. It should be applied from day one of the burnt
for effectiveness.
(15) Combats body stress
(16) Enhances good digestive system
(17) Enhances proper functioning of the kidney
(18) Heals heart disease
(19) Boosts the immune system
(20) Promote long life
(21) It cures palpitation and breath problem – A glass of water
mixed with honey will overcome this.
(22) Honey prevent rheumatism
(23) Ensure you get natural honey for optimal benefits and

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19 Mar 2016 07:20

Wow,i need to start taking it then.

19 Mar 2016 10:35

Honey Honey

19 Mar 2016 13:54

Sure!!! Av been taking honey & I hardly fall sick, you can contact me if you need pure original honey

22 Mar 2016 17:18

I've being taking honey all this while but i dont know that it walk all this u mentioned above, thanks for the knowledge

13 Apr 2016 22:27

Very interesting!