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15 Mar 2016 08:20

Dear Psquare, I want to ask * WHY E BE SAY *
wan split after all these years? Coz u guys seem
have forgotten that there is * NO ONE LIKE YOU *
Africa, and u also forgot that God used *
to make it a * POSSIBILITY* for u guys to be *
UNLIMITED * today. I feel so bad over your latest
STORY* coz * I LOVE YOU* and i urge u to deal
your present situation * PERSONALLY * and do
not let
your * BEAUTIFUL ONYINYE’s * make you split.
forget that they are only there to * CHOP YOUR
MONEY *. I know that * E NO EASY* but u guys
should try not to get involved in any * BIZZY
because it will only lead to more * DANGER * in
carreer, Omo WAHALA go dey and your fanswill
longer be able to dance * ALINGO * again. settle
problems u guys are having, coz e get as e dey *
ME* anytime i hear say u guys want to * BREAK
IT *. I
also heard that you brought * OGA POLICE*in to
matter. I want u guyz to be * MORE THAN A
to avoid any * TEMPTATION * which will lead to *
GAME OVER*, we are hoping to hear your *

15 Mar 2016 09:59

Wow..... so interesting

15 Mar 2016 10:14

P square pls u guyz should not allow women to split u two uhna mother will not b happy were ever she is pls an pls

15 Mar 2016 11:11

I see No reason Y Peter and Paul alias PSquare want 2 break up,wen u guyz do den there will b danger,and there will b No testimony 2 give. No 1 like Psquare.

15 Mar 2016 11:36

Good creation

15 Mar 2016 12:06
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15 Mar 2016 12:17


15 Mar 2016 22:36

Psquare should stop all this they are doing,to they are the nigeria finest

15 Mar 2016 22:51

Good & intresting.
Keep on, and more grise to your elbow.

16 Mar 2016 01:41

nice one

16 Mar 2016 01:52

Wow•itz so intresting•Cynthia Morgan do finish p square•u guys should NT get inturched of dis nonsense oooh pls!

16 Mar 2016 03:58

Omo dis na g8t complilation u 2 much jor

16 Mar 2016 10:53

it pain me só much

16 Mar 2016 12:09

e concern dem