Nigerian forum: Health - 10 Reasons For You To Stop Eating Indomie, It Kills Fast ! [ Must Read ]
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15 Mar 2016 01:10

Instant noodles are a fast, cheap and easy to cook
food for the man on the go but do you know they can
kill you.

Here we take a look at the top 10 reasons why we
should avoid these sweet temptations-

1. Nutrient Absorption :Noodles inhibit the absorption
of nutrients for the children under 5.

2. Cancer :The ingredient in the instant noodles called
“Styrofoam’, is a cancer causing agent.

3. Miscarriage :Women who are Eating instant noodles
during their pregnancy causes miscarriage, because it
affect the development of a foetus.

4. Junk Food :instant noodles are enriched with full of
carbohydrates,but no vitamins, fiber and minerals.
This makes the instant noodles considered as a junk

5. Sodium :Instant noodles are power packed with
high amounts of sodium. Excess consumption of
sodium leads to heart disease, stroke, hypertension
and kidney damage.

6. MSG :Monosodium Glutamate is used to enhance
the flavour of instant noodles. People who are allergic
to MSG consume it as part of their diet, then they end
up suffering from headaches, facial flushing, pain,
burning sensations.

7. Overweight :Eating Noodles is the leading cause of
obesity. Noodles contains fat and large amounts of
sodium, which causes water retention in the body and
surely it leads to overweight, and obesity leads to
heart problems.

8. Digestion :Instant noodles are bad for digestive
system. Regular consumption of instant noodles
causes irregular bowl movements and bloating.

9. Propylene Glycol :The ingredient in the instant
noodles called “Propylene Glycol” which has a anti-
freeze property. This ingredient is used because it
prevents the noodles from drying by retaining
moisture. It weakens the immune system of our body.
It is easily absorbed by the body and it acc mulates in
the kidneys, heart and liver. It causes abnormalities
and damage to those areas.

10. Metabolism :Regular consumption of instant
noodles affect the body’s metabolism, because of the
chemical substances like additives, coloring and
preservatives inside the noodles.
What’s your say?

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15 Mar 2016 09:30

Dream Never cum true ma stop choping indomie ke #Yinmu

15 Mar 2016 10:51

Men Thank you for this information, God bless you and YOUR family.

I will spread this news on sites @ or

Thank u

15 Mar 2016 10:54

You Are Right We Must Preach Against Eating Eat And Consumer Protection Agency Know Much About It.

15 Mar 2016 11:39

Tell them

15 Mar 2016 12:08
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15 Mar 2016 12:08
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15 Mar 2016 12:37

Abi make u plple kul kul stick to ur Garri

15 Mar 2016 15:53

If we take garri or rice they will say d carbohydrate is too much, it's only God dat will help us wit d kind of food we take on our body

15 Mar 2016 21:11

Tks 4 D Info.

15 Mar 2016 21:18

it dat so?

15 Mar 2016 22:58

If that should be the case, i will STOP eating indomie, as from today-today.

16 Mar 2016 03:02

It's better eat fresh vegetables and fruits rather than noodles, it can cause cancer becoz of lots preservatives on it..

16 Mar 2016 08:53

What a wonderful lecture, thanks

16 Mar 2016 11:29

Thank U So Much 4 Dis Infor.

16 Mar 2016 12:10

u don dey craz

16 Mar 2016 12:54

17 Mar 2016 01:04

"Life is a rope
that swings us through hope.
Always believe that today
is better than yesterday & tomorrow
will be much better than today
good morning !"

17 Mar 2016 20:47

Tnx 4 info but pls don't use brand names in negative postings. Like here, yu used INDOMIE instead of NOODLES. It has legal consequences

7 Aug 2016 21:57

oh my G!my brother needs 2 hear dis