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14 Mar 2016 22:08

if u re to send words to ur future wife/husband wit a sincere hrt, wat would u say to him/her.

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15 Mar 2016 09:10

I wish I could marry one of the damsels on MOBOFREE
If you know you are the one, this letter is for you and don’t
waste time to present yourself.
If you feel your sister is the one, please don’t hesitate to inform
Straight to the matter.

Hello honey,
It’s unbelievable that till this moment i’ve not known you, life
could be funny you know?
To say you exist and could be even withing my reach yet I can’t
recognise you.
I can’t sleep peacefully again, anytime I close my eyes on my
bed to rest, i’ll hear the lullaby of your sweet melodious voice
singing into my heart,
behold, as I open my eyes to catch a glimpse of you; what I
would see is my pillow lying next to me probably laughing at my
insane behavior.
I remember the last time I dreamt I was kissing you only for me
to wake up and found I was licking my pillow.
Once I fell into a ditch in the full glare of thousand passers-by
for lustfully looking at a beautiful damsel attentively, I wished
that day never existed because after that day rumors started
flying and fingers pointing at me whenever I passed the streets.
There are things I wish I could let you know, since I don’t know
you.Perhaps by chance you might have seen or know me which
I don’t know.
If you are reading this letter please try and take note of these
point below.
I have very high penchant for tall, not too slim and not too fat
ladies with very aggressive attacking strikers in the front and
highly offensive defenders at the back.
Please if you don’t have that start working towards getting it
because tic-tac say the clock.
Never forget also to add these special skills as they are
paramount to increasing my affection wrapped in attention for

1. You have to acquire the skill of cooking.
2. Learn to socialize.
3. Be learned, wise and sound in general knowledge.
4. If you are religious, then learn to pray well.
5. You have to learn to love my family members.
6. Tolerate my friends when they come around.
7. Know the right time to perch around me and ask for favour as
I may be busy at times planning how to make money or
8. You have to be very strong in bed and know all the available
styles as I won’t be having time to tutor you on styles when my
libido is high.
9. Play all the leagues you wish to play now because after our
union you will quit any form of league and focus only on our
local bedroom league.
10. When am working no distractions because if you do i’ll leave
the house for you and sojourn elsewhere.
11. When you see ladies calling me don’t pick my calls unless I
ask you to, if you do no problem but don’t complain. Same
applies to messages, emails, BBM, Whatsapp, Facebook, twitter,
Instagram etc.

To recap the above list.
Please try and package yourself.
Like i mentioned earlier, I like boobs but not Cossy Orjiakor
kind. No be pillow I dey find na bobby, I get pillow.
Inasmuch as I wouldn’t want to to give out my properties being
a jealous human that I am. It will be selfish of me to deny you
that pleasure, but please handle my oil well with care.
When the fool is drilling it, tell him to take caution not to bore
numerous unwanted holes in addition.
Make sure the fool wears raincoats always and don’t let him
when there’s intense cold.
I am only letting you do this for the experience.
You might want to ask, why you? What about me?
I tell you dear, every human has his strong/weak points.
I am not near perfection but I work hard not to have reasons to
regret afterwards.

And to you Mr. Caretaker I appreciate your efforts to making
sure my wife is taken care of
well but please I am prostrating for you, don’t drill her with
and recklessness.
You know women na, fish brains, she may think its enjoyment
not knowing your plans.
Also, please don’t pee inside the oil well be it in soft or thick
liquid form, biko ejim chukwu na ayo gi(I am begging you with
God please)you know she might be foolish during the drilling
Remember to drill in your field attire (raincoats) more
importantly, don’t spank her, don’t pressure the two frontal
attacking strikers too much for sagging sake Only If Pen*ses
Were Detachable. I don’t want M**cy Jo**son’s kind of boobs.
One thing again please, when drilling and she cries: spank me,
thrust harder, bang me, oh oh oh oh, please give it to me. Don’t
give her oooo, biko don’t listen to her she’s just a child passing
through juvenile delinquencies.
She has no knowledge of what those words mean, please, I am
your fellow man oooo consider me biko

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15 Mar 2016 10:36


15 Mar 2016 10:56

Too Much

15 Mar 2016 11:51

So long a letter

15 Mar 2016 11:53

u ve said it all mr.tgang lol

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15 Mar 2016 11:55

loving this ur letter ooooooh

15 Mar 2016 12:13

nah wa o u don gv up u no even mind either u meet ur wife for virgin or not thumb up guy

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15 Mar 2016 12:22

Interesting letter Mr Man

15 Mar 2016 12:28

can there still be true love bass on nothing

15 Mar 2016 12:30


15 Mar 2016 12:32

this guy @Tgang is a bad person u compose dis ur letter base on what u hav done to some gals that wot make u tin u can't meet ur wife for virgin (d bad dat man's do live after dem)

15 Mar 2016 22:57

Wasting of time.

15 Mar 2016 23:17

It is very-very intresting. is my own letter, to my future wife, the mother of my unborn children both male & female.

I love you, I love you, I love you,
I love you, I love you, I love you,
I love you, I love you, I love you,
I love you, I love you, I love you,
I love you, I love you, I love you,
I love you, I love you, I love you,
I love you, I love you, I love you,
I love you, I love you, I love you,
And i will ALWAYS do my princess, the queen of queens.

16 Mar 2016 01:11

It take the grace of God to fine a perfect woman now this day.

16 Mar 2016 03:18



16 Mar 2016 09:41

this is not for men alone,pls were re d ladies ain't u missing ur future husband, why not let him know how u feel. who knows he might be right here.

16 Mar 2016 12:58