Nigerian forum: Politics - Business with low capital
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9 Mar 2016 00:17

Which business can one start in nigeria with low capital

9 Mar 2016 23:12

Motorcycle or motor car assesories

9 Mar 2016 23:30

How much can someone start this bro

9 Mar 2016 23:49

Let Me Think Very Well Bcose Naija Never Stable

10 Mar 2016 00:18

Pls think well broda,any1 that know other business should post to encourage

10 Mar 2016 00:20

sellin cements

10 Mar 2016 00:40

If u mention a business tag amount one can start with

10 Mar 2016 00:41

Personally I deal with farm product

10 Mar 2016 01:35

Starting business with a little capital in this nation is not easy, but you can sell building materials with #250,000 thousand with a good visibilitistudy.

10 Mar 2016 12:30

Cook Rice And Beans With Dodo etc You Can Start With 10,000 If You Know How To Cook Very Well.

10 Mar 2016 21:29

It all depends on what you want.
If you can write a book, creating ebks is with no or small capital.
You can google it. There will be many you'l find.

13 Mar 2016 17:50

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13 Mar 2016 18:54

U can join helping hands international with #6,600 and bring two other people to do d same. D two prospects will do likewise and as d process continue, u will make money. U earn 20%(#1500) from ur direct sponsor, and additional $10 when u complete stage 1 with just six people under u. Additional 6 people in stage 2 will earn u $100 follow by $200 for additional 8people. By d end of stage 2 with total number of 62people, u would have earn $1000 + $8(20%)*d number of people u directly sponsor plus brand new internet ready HP laptop plus $100*number of people u directly sponsor in stage 2. Google helping hands international or follow this link for full details. Contact me if u r interested because u must join through someone. WhatsApp 09021543390
Note that u can bring as many as u can which will speed up ur earning and in a period of 6 months, u can complete all d stages to become a minister which qualify u to earn 1% of total earning of d country u are assign

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14 Mar 2016 19:12


15 Aug 2016 12:29

Selling Recharge Card Different Ntwork And Also Frying Of Akara Yam And Meat I Knw Of A Woman In My Estate Dat Is Doing Dat Infact She Is Making It Like Mad

18 Sep 2016 10:47

selling pufpuf and bounce is very easy

30 Mar 2017 02:19

Haha lots of interesting comments. Well I could supply you female fashion items- (e.g bags, hairbuns, weavons, shoes) at wholesale price once we establish some facts and come to an agreement. You can start with as low as 30,000.

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30 Mar 2017 04:54

Need a business with low capital???
It is very possible, i can introduce you to a business you can start with less than 10k, inbox or whattsap 08162008170.
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