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3 Mar 2016 13:33

A Screenshot Is No Evidence Of Success

It is funny how people trying to impress others and convince them to join their networking businesses go ahead to procure screenshots of either their paypal accounts or bank accounts as evidence of their success at the business.

It is even funnier to me that some people allow themselves to be convinced by such "evidence" and then sign up for a business they have no passion or flare for, only for them to fail and then turn around and blame the person who introduced them to the business or even worse label him or her as scammer or 419er

I guess It is because the world is filled with skeptics and unbelievers that some people go out of their way to show screenshots as evidence of their success at the businesses but for me, why should I bother?

If someone does not believe me when I say I am doing well in a business I am doing and which I want him or her to join, why would I bother to show them evidence? even if it is "manufactured evidence?"
As a Medical Doctor, I know that the first step to recovering from any sickness is the belief that one would recover, if any sick person has a morbid fear of death and continues to mouth it, the tendency that they would die from that sickness is close to 99%.

If I want to introduce someone to a business I am doing relatively well in and he does not take my words for it, then he is just on his own, he has not yet been hit by the vicissitudes of life that would require him to act at the first mention.

When the heat wave hits him, he would not ask for evidence, he would just want to start (it has happened several times)

So it is important for anyone asking for evidence of success to know that, success is relative and not absolute and also the fact that someone is successful in one business with evidence to show does not translate to another being also successful in that business.

Success in any business is dependent on certain factors which I shall write on in my next post.

Remember, screenshots are no evidence of success in any business. Some are manufactured while others are "doctored"

If you want to sign up for a business, sign up because you have a passion or flare for it.

Have a good day


6 Mar 2016 23:56

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7 Mar 2016 02:05

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18 Apr 2016 18:21

[/midastouch24] u have a point there, but I have something to say. Screenshot is an evidence of success but not guaranteed success. That's what u should have said which can b deducted from ur post. But how many people understand?

2 Feb 2017 16:49

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