Nigerian forum: Sports - EPL STRUGGLING!
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2 Mar 2016 18:36

Nawa 4 epl. Epl is d most competative league in europe. Many teams are struggle 4 many different things. Some are struggling 2 win d league. Some are struggling 2 make d top4 so dat they can play champions league. Some are struggling 2 qualify 2 play europa league. Some are struggling not 2 go down d relegation zone. While some are already in d relegation zone struggling 2 come out. Pls be sincere, which club do u belong and wat is ur club struggling 4? A= to win league. B= to make top4. C= to qualify to play europa. D= not 2 go 2 relegation. E= to come out frm relegation?

2 Mar 2016 18:38

Me is B= to make top4. CHELSEA 4 LIFE!!

5 Mar 2016 18:13

Which club do u belong 2?

26 Apr 2016 10:21


26 Apr 2016 16:17

Are u sure?