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25 Feb 2016 18:26

Levels Don Change o o o!!! From Agege Bread Seller To Runway Model

If any Prophet had prophesied to Olajumoke that within a space of 14 days that her levels would change from that of a Bread Seller to an International Model in the making, she would have sworn for that Prophet

But see what TY Bello made out of her in just 14 days and her levels have changed to such an extent that she is now the most sought after fresh skin by Fashion Houses and Modelling Agencies.

If you are hustling, just keep at it, and ask God to bless your hustle; one day we shall celebrate you too

26 Feb 2016 09:06

That is how God works

26 Feb 2016 09:12

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Push In Life

27 Feb 2016 00:58

I tank GOD 4hr life

27 Feb 2016 16:39


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27 Feb 2016 18:53

thanks God for her