Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - can long distance relationship survive in this civilise world?
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22 Feb 2016 00:35

What are the things? that will make long distance relationship survive in this civilise world

22 Feb 2016 00:36


22 Feb 2016 00:37

Maybe yes

22 Feb 2016 09:28

Of course it will survive all what is needed is trust nd love

22 Feb 2016 10:21

Only if there is time to get together once a while.

22 Feb 2016 13:09

e go clear.

22 Feb 2016 15:52

Love and trust

22 Feb 2016 20:41


22 Feb 2016 21:08

it's hard ooooo.

22 Feb 2016 21:16

Its not had at all, all wat is needed is luv, trust and constant communication.

22 Feb 2016 21:19

Am not just talking, but am talking frm personal experience. I met my babe when am at sagamu in ogun state, but she is at enugu. Even now, am at akwa ibom and she is stil at enugu and we ar stil together.

22 Feb 2016 22:35

it can survive if both parties put in conscious effort in loving and trusting each other, while constant communication is also a very vital ingredient & sure there must be time to get together once in a while

22 Feb 2016 23:49

22 Feb 2016 23:57

My galfrd is in imo state nd am at oyo state ibadan nd it bn lik 5mnths nw dat we c eachorda last bt dia is no day we dnt talk on vone bt lik 3mnth past nw i c changes in her nd i cmplain abt it nd she mak amend nd evrytin is alrit since den even bfr we can c eachorda nw it wil b in april i luv her nd i blv her is not dat am rily sure dat she dnt dat anoda guy bt i put all wat she may do as pat of relationship she had bfr i knw den we live our life peacefully nd even d gal dat we both live at ib togeda isnot even serious lik her bfr i meet her.

3 May 2016 13:05

Yea... 2ru steady communication