Nigerian forum: Sports - who is a better goal scorer between cristiano ronaldo and lionel messi?
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21 Feb 2016 22:12

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22 Feb 2016 09:25

Its actually Ronaldo I mean cr7

22 Feb 2016 09:28

Lionel messi king of scorer

22 Feb 2016 10:36

cr7 nah baba

22 Feb 2016 10:38

CR7 baba agbalagba!!!

22 Feb 2016 11:33

Hello evry body don't b sentimental abt dis,u kwn wat messi is far beta dan c.ronaldo. back 2 back messi shut down EL'CLASSICO,shut down WORLD BEST,shutdown CURVE KING. MESSI is no more a human being ,he has finally turn 2 tell me what is football ...,,,FOOTBALL IS SOCCER.SHUTDOWN C.R7

22 Feb 2016 11:37

Lionel Messi

22 Feb 2016 15:10

Lionel messi is better off in that position

22 Feb 2016 15:18

CR7 himself is a far better scorer dan messi

22 Feb 2016 15:30

If Messi is a proven world best indeed, let him leave Barcelona and move to other clubs. Ronaldo started from sporting lisbon of portugal as a teenager, then he went to Manchester united of england and he is currently the all time highest goal scorer in the history of Real madrid fc. Raul gonzalez of spain is next to Ronaldo. When did he arrive spain to achieve this feat. He has broken the Uefa champions league record. Ronaldo has 22 la liga goals, while Messi has 15 goals Suarez has 25 goals. Suarez scored 111 goals in 152 appearances for Ajax of holland, before poaching goals for liverpool, and now with Barcelona. Calculate Ronaldo's goals when he was at sporting lisbon, manchester united, real madrid, portugal. Then you will know that he is one of the most ultimate goal poacher in football history.

22 Feb 2016 21:11

Ronaldo has already tasted at least four(4) different teams now,but we are not talking about that.We are talking about a goal scoring machine,a person that can score from any angle not only that and the person that score with all his entire body if possible.So that is between CRISTIANO DOS SANTOS AVEIRO RONALDO and ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC.But for me I prefer CRISTIANO RONALDO to ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC.

18 Apr 2016 22:42


26 Apr 2016 10:12

CR7 himself na BABA!! go check dere goals record in LA LIGA only,wit dere appearance,mind u,Ronaldo join in 2009

26 Apr 2016 22:41