Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - Is it right for youth to date themselves in the church after all wedding must be done??
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18 Feb 2016 00:33

Let us reason together......

Is it normal for us(youth) to date ourselves in the church? If YES How...?
If NO why...?

18 Feb 2016 10:59

Good question, I will commend later.

18 Feb 2016 14:50

yes is not wrong so long the guy or girl have d same vision with u, it dose matter the place u fine d one u love

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18 Feb 2016 17:10

Yes but they should not indulge in sex until the proper thing is being done.

18 Feb 2016 17:56


18 Feb 2016 19:18

DATING, COURTSHIP in their truest meaning is not bad provided no sin is committed. If not, my hand no dey o

18 Feb 2016 19:22

it's right to date but it should be done with out sex.

19 Feb 2016 09:52

There is no outside church dating because GOD is every where. The person you though u r dating outside the church also has their own church. Dating is dating.

19 Feb 2016 18:01

It's call fornication, we may called it dating or whatever that what the devil want,nd that's what 99.9% christian are doing they defiled their self God will judge pretty us very soon because is not biblical?

19 Feb 2016 18:55

For me,it will definitely leads to fornication because these days people hardly resist sexual pleasure.Any slight opportunity for a man and a woman to be in private,the forbidden fruit becomes the sweetest.l believe that all of you are fully awared of what happened two weeks ago in Delta state where a pastor and a founder of a church alleged to have impregnated 9 members of his church including two house wives whom their husbands went to the Delta state police command to demand for the pastor's immediate execution.This is a result of all nights and private prayers.I can't talk more on it bcus D pastor is still under detention by the Delta state police command for further investigation on the matter.

19 Feb 2016 20:54

As 4 me i say yes, cause datin, is it dosen't mata where u find ur luved 1's, it cn be in d schl or church LOL

19 Feb 2016 22:37

It's only the fornicators that will say yes to this. In the eye of God is evil?

20 Feb 2016 00:09

Let us says the truth, for our salves.
So far as, u can be in the "Dating Process" in truth & in holy living, there is nothing in it.
Despite the fact that: the dating starts at the church.
May the LORD have mercies upon us, if WE wrong HIM by trying to give answers, on this topic of discussion, (Amen).

20 Feb 2016 01:32

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20 Feb 2016 16:33

Wat ar we not talking abt here? I think dat could be d best. Why do most of us in dis site hav evil motives. A christian broda dat finds a christian sister in d same church who loves him and he loves her also should not waste time 2 approach him. Where else do we expect 2 see a pure relationship void of sex?. If d question is whether it is good 4 youths 2 be having sex, i could hav said no. But as d question comes, d answer is capital YES!

20 Feb 2016 22:42

The real church is the human heart. U would hv rather asked; is it normal for xtians to date?

21 Feb 2016 06:01

There is nothing wrong in it.

21 Feb 2016 11:04

I want go tink am first!

21 Feb 2016 14:17

Quote by WILFREDO2
The real church is the human heart. U would hv rather asked; is it normal for xtians to date?

It is not all dat true my dear. Human heart is not d church.

21 Feb 2016 16:55

hw is it called fornication, then hw do u get 2 know ur spouse?