Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - UNFATHOMABLE! IS IT MADNESS OR WHAT?
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17 Feb 2016 09:02

It is still unclear to me why a man/guy would have raised his hands 2 beat up his woman in marriage/relationship & at the end dumped her OR should i say some ladies do that as well & its kinda pay back time? LADIES ARE SUFFERING...but why?

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17 Feb 2016 11:43

my dear is only God that nows why it's like that.00000

17 Feb 2016 16:28

ONLY GO KNW,but d most tin we youth knw is dat we shud always av d fear of GOD

17 Feb 2016 22:53

Women Are Our Helper Not Our Slave. Any Man That Understands This Wont Dear Touch Her. God Forbid I Beat Her!

18 Feb 2016 07:16

But some men do not understand this.

18 Feb 2016 08:18

some ladis have dis attitude except dey see der man practialize it dey don't stop running der mouth n nagging. so some times don't jus put d blame on men alon ..

18 Feb 2016 08:23

I Dont Use To Feel Happy, When I See A Man Raises His Hand To Beat A Woman, I Mean It Nt Proper, Bur I Will Tell You That It Ain't All Men,so Girls Should Pray For A Caring Husband,likewise Guys Should Pray For A Gud Wife. But Your Dressings%attitude Will Dictate Whom You Are, Girls Be Wise

18 Feb 2016 10:19

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20 Feb 2016 01:40

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20 Feb 2016 13:00

Maturity demands that such man should rather overlook. @samari

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21 Feb 2016 00:34

overlooking will som times make d ladies want to feel dey r now d head in charge of d house. so keeping quite may not solve d problem at least once a while u react @unbetable

21 Feb 2016 10:36

I knw that some day and somehow someone somewhere will let them knw that beating ur wife/girlfriend will not solve the issue,sometime we men/guys should lean how to be letting somethings go in order to allow peace to rain.

21 Feb 2016 10:48

But Some Men Do Not Understand Dis