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14 Feb 2016 23:38

Its true that we are not perfect in nature.Each one
of us has got his or her past.Some of our pasts
are so bitter.Whenever we remember that past we
usually get hurted more.Some of us who are
lucky have met their first lovers who end up in
marriage.Others have gone through hell.They
have been hurted for as many times as you may
think.They have been taken for granted,they have
been dumped,they have been abused in the name
of love,they.......
Later in life after going through hell,you may be
lucky to come across that one person who loves
you in holism regardless of your past.
After all these years of heartbreaks,you are now
comfortable in love.You keep in touch with EXs
who found no value in you.You forget how they
mistreated you,You forget how they betrayed
you,you no longer recall how they treated you like
trash.In the process your partner loose trust in
you,You make them think how loose you are,They
start doubting your past and later they look for
upright partners.
Forget about your past.Dont allow people who
misused your generousity back into your life.Dont
give them room to discuss your past.Let them
hear of your success.if they valued you they could
have mantained you.They used you as an option
not as their choise.They want to ruin your
present.Dont give them a chance. Be a man or a
woman of value.Dont let your partner doubt your
morals.Be focussed.Dont be like a Dog to eat
your vomit.Love those who value your
presence.avoid those who used you to save their
night.Forget those who dumped you to get their
swthat.They got what they wanted and left
you.Dont discuss with them about your current
relationship.They just want to know how strong
you are.Why do you entertain people who are
happy with their partners after leaving you.Why
do you still keep in touch with people who
mitigated your dignity and chastity.why do you
entertain people who spent some nights with you
just because of lust and not love.WHY WHY

15 Feb 2016 11:51
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15 Feb 2016 12:36

Indeed its a poison that kills genuine relationship. Masterfully rendered

15 Feb 2016 14:12

yea, u ryt, dnt knw whr diz generation r headn to.

15 Feb 2016 14:31

True talk

15 Feb 2016 16:57

i lik dat,is a gr8t advice

15 Feb 2016 22:13

Nice talk my brother u hav said it all

15 Feb 2016 23:09


16 Feb 2016 17:30


16 Feb 2016 17:48

good advice

16 Feb 2016 18:25

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm speechless strange but true

16 Feb 2016 19:54

It's great & awesome my brother i like that.

17 Feb 2016 11:54


17 Feb 2016 14:20

Hmmm. Gud

17 Feb 2016 16:07

u gat it ryt brada,,,,,,

17 Feb 2016 20:40

Gud advice!!!

17 Feb 2016 21:02

Real talk

17 Feb 2016 21:22


18 Feb 2016 08:47

It was indeed a nice advice.
More grease to your elbow.

22 Sep 2016 18:55

If U Have Blood And Water Running 2ru Ur Veins After Reading U Want 2 Just Shed Little Tears Which I Did Tnks 4 Dat Post