Nigerian forum: Religion - BE MY VAL!!!
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12 Feb 2016 20:20

I’m glad it is another val again, yes I am happy about it, there is nothing bad about it until you make it bad, I’m making my plans already trust me. What are your plans too?
This issue of Valentine’s Day has ruined some young ones life and unfortunately it has not stopped, I am not condemning anybody but to remind us all, both male and female, young and old, married and single that Valentine’s Day is not for ungodly activities.
Yes some truly propose this day and most of the time, many are fake, now let me start from here, do not accept any proposal you are not convinced of because you want to make it memorable being valentine’s day, that day does not determine the success of the union, it is only your convintion that will stand the test of time and not February 14th.
This is not only to ladies but also to men, that ‘free’ lady may have an hidden agenda, check Samson in the Bible if you doubt me, there are many ladies outside today willing to give their body to you freely, don’t forget ‘awoof dey run belle’ meaning ‘Free things has its consequences’, apply caution.
My pretty ladies, there is no rule or punishment attached to being single on valentine’s day, I’ve been there before and all I did was to enjoy my day by treating myself well, there was a particular val I went to eatery alone just to celebrate myself, I do attend programs that added value to me and enjoy the day. You can do so too, don’t wait till a man surfaces to take you out, you can even cook a special delicacy in your kitchen and enjoy your meal, post it online if you can and make some mouths water and catch fun in return *winks*.
It is a day to show love to everyone not necessarily a lover alone, it is not a day to trade your body for an eatery trip, sex is not love and love is not sex, don’t destroy your lifetime with a day’s activity please. Val; value yourself!
God loves you and I love you too
Happy Valentine Day in advanced.