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11 Feb 2016 00:10

please do anyone has an ideal on match betting?.. please notify.. really need someone who can give real bet of matches that are sure to enter correctly.... also if you've a group chat for communication you also indicate.... Real match betting..

11 Feb 2016 20:00

Bro nothing like real match betting,win betting is a luck.
If u know that u want to win ur ticket dis wknd select a minimum of 10-8 games bt ur selection must b 4rm well performed club in their league eg (barca,bayern,juve,psg etc) although their points will be lesser if they're in their home bt make sure u put like 1k or more at least u wil gain something.
My advice,don't play EPL b'cos there's too much challenges in Premier league and if u do u are on ur own don't give up,u may be loose bt put mind that u wil win one day

11 Feb 2016 20:59
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11 Feb 2016 21:36

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