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29 Apr 2014 16:33

There were eleven people – ten
men and one woman – hanging
onto a rope that came down
from a helicopter. They all
decided that one person should
get off, because if they didn’t,
the rope would break and
everyone would die.
No one could decide who
should go, so finally, the woman
gave a really touching speech
saying how she would give up
her life to save the others,
because women were used to
giving up things for their
husbands and children, giving in
to men, and not receiving
anything in return. When she
finished speaking, all the men
started clapping.
And you know what next???

2 Jun 2014 00:03

dey were al on d ground

8 Jun 2014 23:40

Dey all fall down

12 Jul 2014 11:44

all on ground

16 Jul 2014 21:53

Dey felt down.

30 Jul 2014 01:57

dem be mumu,hw u go leave rope dey clap

30 Jul 2014 18:21

Yah dat mean woman kw d best way to handle hard situation wit man

23 Sep 2014 10:28

It shd d eve in women and d adam in men. Fools

23 Sep 2014 20:30

d remeaning ppl clap. Nah dat woman get sense pas.

24 Sep 2014 13:42

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .....lolz

6 Apr 2015 15:40

all down

8 Apr 2015 13:18

dey gvs deir lyfs

29 Oct 2016 23:04

Dat Is D Power Of A Woman