Nigerian forum: Sports - Leicester City, Spurs, Arsenal, Man City and the EPL Trophy.
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9 Feb 2016 21:15

Taking a close look at Leicester City this season and their exploits, including the recent demolition of Man city at the Etihad Stadium, do you see them as already confirmed EPL champions or should that assumption wait until they play against Arsenal who are also top favorites for the trophy or do you see Arsenal, Spurs or Manchester City finally winning it no matter what happens on Saturday and Sunday?
This week:
Arsenal vs Leicester City.
Spurs vs Manchester City.

Let's have your say!

10 Feb 2016 10:08

Oboy, judging frm reality without any sentitent, man city can not see dat trophy. Arsenal is trying, but they can only end top4 if thy try. Man utd is out of d game. Now, d battle is btw leichester and spurs. Luking at d kind of squard and strikers dis two teams hav, u wil see dat any team they meet ar in trouble.

12 Feb 2016 08:34

U might be right, but in football anything can happens, i mean any of those four teams might eventually win it.

12 Feb 2016 09:08

Anyway u ar right but i can tel u convincingly dat mancity is out of it.