Nigerian forum: Jokes - who is a criminal
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29 Apr 2014 14:51

a chief saw bush meat at road side and he pack to price this meat after negociation this chief authories the seller to put the meat in his booth and come back for money when this guy reach the booth side he open and drop the meat on the road instead of inside the booth,,,,,,,,,,,now this guy closed an empty booth for this chief bt chief did not know that the meat was not inside the booth as chief hear that booth was been brought down he drove away without who is a criminal among't the chief or the meat seller bs if chief give this guy money before he order him to it inside the booth the guy may not put it inside this booth and if the guy is loyal chief may not give the money to this guy before he drove away..........pls judge this case

1 May 2014 14:48

Both are thief.

2 May 2014 16:05

They both are thievies.

4 May 2014 19:31

They are both thief

6 May 2014 16:23

Two of them are thiefs

6 May 2014 19:21

Dey are all criminal

11 May 2014 20:56

d case is not a felony type, in a law case the both ll pay a certain amount of money for release

15 May 2014 12:16

both uf dem

18 May 2014 02:19


18 May 2014 16:51

D Meat seller

2 Jun 2014 15:19

Chief is theif bs he was the one that started it and he know that the meat seller will never find him but if it was the meat seller chief may possible come back for him

18 Oct 2014 10:35


18 Oct 2014 11:05

the both are thieves but the chief in particular and his more than a crimithief

25 Nov 2014 09:39


27 Nov 2014 17:49


27 Nov 2014 18:30

none are thieves b'cos everybody went away with what belong to him.

13 Jan 2015 11:58

both of dem

2 May 2015 22:26

Chief support 2 pay b4 d meat seller w put d meat of him

2 May 2015 22:33

9iz 1

2 May 2015 23:15