Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - Valentine Saga ( Copied)
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6 Feb 2016 14:38

My girl friend ask me that what will I present
to her as her give on 14th fabuary(val day)?
Then I told her that I dont do wordly things
that are against my believe as a christian, so
she was arguing with me that val is not
worldly stuff and I asked her to show me
where valentine was written in the bible as
we have Christmas , easther etc. And if she can find it mean that val will hold between us.
She is presently searching from Genesis to
Revelation and couldn't find it, so she cry out
and said am very wicked.
Pls guys am I wicked as she thinks?

8 Feb 2016 09:35


8 Feb 2016 11:11

just dey observe

8 Feb 2016 11:30
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