Nigerian forum: Gentlemen only - Seven ( 7) Very Silly Things Guys Should Stop Doing To Ladies
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5 Feb 2016 21:28

There are many of them but we’re only going to list out
seven for now. Seriously, some guys can be very annoying
at times. Still don’t know why many of us indulge in these
irritating behaviors

1. Staring at a lady’s backside: 90% guys do this. They just
can’t help turning around whenever a female passes, just to
check out her backside. Its very irritating and rude too. Guys
pls stop it
2. Calling a girl and saying “I just want to hear your voice”:
To me this is just dumb! And that’s why that girl can never
call you. She assumes you don’t have a life. Guys, even if
you’re jobless at d moment, pls find sth to do even if its free,
a hobby or volunteer work just to fill the time. Than to waste
your time wanting to hear a girl’s voice.
3. Thanking a lady for accepting their friend request on
Facebook: As if they have won gold. Its so annoying and
smacks of both desperation and lack of self worth. At worst,
you should welcome the person and say that you’re looking
forward to knowing more about her. Not writing silly stuffs
like “Baby thanks for accepting me as your friend”.
4. Asking for a girl’s number just too early: Many guys feel
very fulfilled getting a girl’s digits. Guys, there’s no big deal
in it! You might even end up not calling them at the end of
the day. Take your time and let the girl wonder why you
aren’t rushing to get her digits like most would do.
5.Always wanting to please ladies: I’m not saying its bad to
be a gentleman, its just that some guys take it too far. They
go against their own morals and ethics just to please a lady.
Come on! That she’s not all smiles doesn’t mean she’s
unhappy or worried. Some ladies just use these tactics to
make you do what you shouldn’t do.
6. Giving out large sums of money for s*x: For God’s sake
guys, you won’t die if you don’t have s*x. Stop acting as if
your wh0l£ life depends on s*x. Some guys would abandon
their parents and siblings and be spending large on a girl who
hasn’t added nothing in his life save for the s*x. Guys pls
7. Agreeing to whatever the ladies say in order to become a
gentleman: Some guys have earned that reputation of always
supporting, liking comments made by ladies not because its
true, but because they’re ladies.

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8 Feb 2016 20:09

There is nothing wrong with no3.

8 Feb 2016 23:31

u try keP it up!

20 Mar 2016 00:02

no 6 is OK

1 Jun 2016 02:18

na tru yan jare,u make sence.

3 Jan 2017 15:18

All na true talk

4 Jan 2017 13:50

no 6 is nice and pls guys beware

25 Aug 2017 10:18

nice quote boss
u are really even talking to all men out side