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4 Feb 2016 15:25

Do ladies of nowadays still need love ? Am asking because the way they seek after men with money is too much.

4 Feb 2016 18:58

it is left 4 them

4 Feb 2016 20:29

Yes cos wtout love u cant enjy anythng

4 Feb 2016 20:49

They Need Money Not Love

4 Feb 2016 20:52

Hmmm! is only god can deliver them

4 Feb 2016 20:55

Love still exist

4 Feb 2016 22:23

Love still dey whey pple hide Am

4 Feb 2016 23:07

for those ladies who don't have conscience

5 Feb 2016 06:58

love is a natural phenomena so every body is in tittle for

5 Feb 2016 06:59

love is a natural phenomena so every body is in tittle for it @petmudi

5 Feb 2016 08:57

They will soon devalue like our naira and dollar,cos this change make many men to change from giving away money anyhow. May God help us

5 Feb 2016 11:02

It is really a frustrating situation for men who have a sincere love to marry but only to be rebuff by the ladies they love becus they are not stinkingly dear ladies,marriage is never based on riches but on love,compatibility and contentment of one's resources.It is ordained by God that a man shud gets a helper, that's a partner and so when a man approaches you for marry,look for the above mentioned criteria and not whether he has a jeep or he is a politician,oil company worker,honourable member,lives in Abuja or Lekki,Victoria lsland,Lagos lsland,Festac etc.Some who possess these descriptions may not make a good husband for you.Rich men in most cases never get satisfied with one lover but many because there is money to throw around..As you are striving to be his best also are scores out there who also want to be his best.Any lady who only follows rich men in most cases ends up in frustration and she will then begin to blame and insults men for her own foolish mistakes. A man may trained a poor lady through the tertiary institution becus of the love he has for her and within these years the only words from the lady will be,'you are my messiah,you are all that l have,if l don't marry you,l will die',etc. And her parents too will say,'you are already our in-law,nothing will stops you from marrying our daughter',etc. But after graduating,you will begin to hear from the lady, words like,'l can't get married to that stinking village will be over my dead body to marry that stark illiterate', etc. And from the parents,you will hear words like,'she is our daughter and you can't force her to marry you.she has a choice and she has made her choice to marry that young doctor and we the family had agreed to it'.Well ladies, l'm not here to insult you, but rather to give you people a piece of an advice,so don't pick offence at me.Thanks.

5 Feb 2016 13:28


5 Feb 2016 13:36

@cosmos i dont think so when it has to do with ladies who are in for nothing but money hmmm LOVE is never in their dictionary

5 Feb 2016 18:24


5 Feb 2016 18:31


5 Feb 2016 20:38

hy friends

5 Feb 2016 22:25

Hello sisters, its been a while but can we talk?
Yes, I mean now!
Marriage is a good thing.
Wedding is nice too.
But when the bride's pregnant,
When she walks down the aisle
bearing a protruding belly,
The marriage has being dishonoured.
And the bed? Defiled!
Then, its no longer 'joining in holy matrimony'
It is called Thanksgiving celebration because the
couple has already joined themselves.
This is the common trend these days,
I don't admire nor applaud it.
Be the wife before you become a mother.
If your pastor didn't tell you, hear this now,
Introduction is not wedding...
Engagement is not wedding...
Dating and courtship ain't wedding.
'Will you marry me?' 'I will', is not wedding.
'Has papa and mama already known me?' is not
Your fiance/fiancee is not your wife or husband.
You don't own his or her body and cant demand
for it!
Marriage is the ONLY license to have sex.......
Make the marriage bed before you
make babies.
Stop forcing yourself on a guy by proposing to
him by getting pregnant.
Girlfriend, you are not suya, so no tasting!
You hear me so?
He wants to know if you are good in bed, You
are not a store sample..... Tell Him that.
He wants to know if you are fertile, You are not
a lab rat.
You come with a price, don't you?
Some items comes with nice packaging, and
Until their price is paid, you cant open to see
what's in it.
A man who pressurizes you for sex because your
wedding is days away will ruin your relationship
with God.
He's not worthy of you.
And finally, when sin blinds your eyes,
You claim Love is blind the same way you
accuse the devil for actrocities commited.
God already set His standards.
He is not negotiating with you.
# FleeFornication.
God will not ask you to fornicate or defile His
Beware of fake prophecies.
I have heard stories of ladies who recieved such
'be pregnant before wedding'.
Watch it!
God cannot contradict Himself.
His Rhema cant oppose His Logos.
Those who know their God shall be strong and
do exploits.
Those who do not know their God shall be weak
and exploited.
The Anthem of hell is "EVERYONE IS DOING IT".
Sweetheart, not everyone is heading to hell.
DO YOU KNOW YOUR GOD?......send 2 at least 4
groups to
bless and save a soul!

5 Feb 2016 22:37

Why ladies use to hide their feeling?

5 Feb 2016 22:42

Itz normal!!! But please don't hide ur feelings for me coz we r single.... Will u beep +2347062672248 me n I call u back??