Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - CAN A WOMAN SEARCH 4 HUSBAND?
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1 Feb 2016 08:53

I hav seen many adverts and aids in dis site and some other sites by young girls and ladies looking for husband and true luv. Some ladies also publish their number asking interested persons 2 call them. And i am asking, is it good 4 a woman in africa 2 be searching 4 a man? Is it not d man dat wil search 4 his wife?

1 Feb 2016 08:57

2 me, it is completely wrong 4 a woman 2 be searching 4 a husband.

1 Feb 2016 10:35

It's not ideal 4 a woman to seek 4 a relationship, it's not an African culture

1 Feb 2016 10:47

Thank u my dear! Dats fact.

1 Feb 2016 10:48

Even in d Bible, its d man dat wil luk 4 his wife n not d oda way round.

1 Feb 2016 10:58

What of anabi wife that toost hhm

1 Feb 2016 11:00

Quote by Rudboy111
What of anabi wife that toost hhm

Which Anabi? Frm where? Be specific.

1 Feb 2016 11:03

It doesn't wrong some situations call for it.

1 Feb 2016 11:06

Quote by ojuse1
It doesn't wrong some situations call for it.

What kind of situation can cal 4 it?

1 Feb 2016 11:42

What of my mother that toasted my father

1 Feb 2016 12:53

now the world as change anything can happle

1 Feb 2016 13:30

2me notin is wrong wit it cos its self expresion. though its not welcome in our country but a woman have a way of xpressin herself only if sh knws wot sh wants but some women dont. If u lov som1 walk up to him/her and xpress urslf. my thoughts thougg

1 Feb 2016 14:31

Nothing new under this world again is just that the man need to appreciate it

1 Feb 2016 14:52
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1 Feb 2016 15:01

Hmm! I don't see anything wrong for a mature lady that already attain the age of marriage to search for who will be a match.our mind set is really poison with different negative ideas that is making things more complicating,if I may ask, if you are a woman and you are in your 30's,and no man is approaching you for marriage but to only have sex with you, what will you do? you will probably search for the man of the type with the qualities u want as your marriage mate. we are all imperfect humans,we shouldn't jump into conclusion without giving it a thorough thought. women too feels what the men feels, why then do we think its wrong? ..I don't think the bible is against it, its only bad if the woman is doing it for sexual satisfaction or act of immortality. as we men have crush on women, so it is with the women too. as for me, I don't really see it as a big deal, its a normal thing if the man will really understand her reasons and don't take her for granted or take advantage of her.

1 Feb 2016 15:07

for me is wrong 4 a lady to start looking for husband without doing what she really need.

1 Feb 2016 15:35

A lady dat respects & well behaves herself dnt need 2 luk 4 men, rather men wil be RUSHING 4 her. Its then left 4 her 2 select frm d suitors.

1 Feb 2016 15:37

It wil be very hard 4 a man 2 appreciate a woman dat approach him 4 marriage, rather d man wil take her 2 be a harlot.

1 Feb 2016 15:43

Hit Real

1 Feb 2016 17:18

Women, pls, stop warming yourself to any man for marriage. It is not ideal. All you need is character and closeness to God and He will surely give yu the man he prepared for yu.