Nigerian forum: Ladies only - Can You Marry And Uneducated Man?
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30 Jan 2016 21:22

As a graduate, can you marry an uneducated or educated man that can not make one good sentence? HELL NO!..thats wat many gals here woulld say...and yet they run after that illitrate sugar dadi.....
What shall it profit a man to be educated and not be wealthy or not able to make a good sentence ??

3 Feb 2016 18:47

Join me on for dating, chating, discussion and many more!!!!....

6 Feb 2016 17:21


6 Feb 2016 19:15

Hahhh "Hell No" Dats Exactly Wat I Wil Say

26 Mar 2016 13:35


23 Apr 2016 21:00


17 Aug 2016 21:31

No Oooo

4 Oct 2017 00:09

why do you have to say hell no for Allah sake.