Nigerian forum: Culture - Will you return #2.8 billion naira?
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28 Jan 2016 17:21

What will you do? if someone forgot #2.8billion naira in your car or you found it somewhere, as a good Nigeria will you return the Money back to the owner? Let us be sincere

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28 Jan 2016 17:22

For me i will............

28 Jan 2016 17:24

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29 Jan 2016 08:33

Gaskiya i wll return it cos is nt mine and even if i didnt i most return it one day where i dnt have it

29 Jan 2016 09:43

mba. me no go return am oooooo

29 Jan 2016 09:53

As for me I won't return it unless if I know d owner but for me to carry am go police station say I found money God forbid bad thing

29 Jan 2016 12:33

With situation on ground in dis our dear country <NIGERIA>,even,if i knw d persn,i i'l nt return it immediately,i i'l 1st use d money 2 establish my business b4 i later return it o

29 Jan 2016 13:25

Correct: #2.8billion or 2.8billion naira. incorrect: #2.8billion naira. note that pls.

29 Jan 2016 15:04

I wil run away Wt the money

29 Jan 2016 15:26

Definitely, I will

29 Jan 2016 16:38

As long as u have used d money, I can boldly say u won't return the money and for those who say they will return it if they know the owner or will keep it for the time being, I doubt u all Co's there's the spirit about money it's called un-satisfyiable, u will always grasp for more.

29 Jan 2016 17:23

If i still rememba d owna face or knw d person i go return am if nt gboyo 4 u

29 Jan 2016 17:56

Yes becos it is nt my own.

29 Jan 2016 18:42

Return wetin God forbid bad thin

29 Jan 2016 19:10

29 Jan 2016 19:34

Dat Was Nigerian Talk For Me As A real Muslim I Will Return It

29 Jan 2016 19:35

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God don bless me be dat

29 Jan 2016 20:36


29 Jan 2016 22:33

I will pray over it,

29 Jan 2016 22:35

No returnable