Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - Is it good to Keep ur ex-bf or gf as friend?
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24 Jan 2016 22:36

I do find it very difficult to have my ex as my friend bcos d memory we stil be there hurting me n i also find it vry hard to let go of d past bcos of love i've for her....

25 Jan 2016 14:31


25 Jan 2016 15:32

Fr a marry pple is not gud atall coz d feelin may comback at anytime nd u wilnt b able to control urself dat means d luv story start agn nd ur marriage may end bcoz of it bt fr just boy nd gal if tin lik dat hpn notin to loss nd so much to gain coz one of dem wil hv it in mind to hv d luv back it we b a hpy times nd days fr dem.

25 Jan 2016 17:33

It's a bad idea, trust me. Is she or he lacking friends or what? In a large country as this with such a population? He / she has about 170 millions choices to choose friend(s). Why must it be you again? People should take a clear stand and not to deceive themselves. It is not making a foe of any ex, it is just wisdom!

25 Jan 2016 17:37

Noting is bad about it. Is not d end of d world.

25 Jan 2016 17:53

noting bad at all cos am a victim to dis i even strow around wit her during her pregnacy nd noting happun.

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25 Jan 2016 18:10

It depends on what makes her your ex,if what makes both of you not to be together at the first place is worth let go of, you can still be friends but remember that the disadvantages behind such friendship is huge, it may ruin your present can slave for two master, you either love one and despise the advice is let go of ur ex in not to put ur present relationship in jeopardy.

25 Jan 2016 18:52

it depend on type of frdship we share

25 Jan 2016 19:01

Its not good

25 Jan 2016 19:49

To me forgive nd forget is d best

25 Jan 2016 19:54


25 Jan 2016 20:27

It gud to let go of d past n focuse on d future...

25 Jan 2016 21:35

Beloved pals, am talking frm experience, pls let him/her go. (S)he cant be ur frnd. If u try dat, u wil awaken d luv n it wil be disasterous. Unless u dnt luv her 4 d 1st time.

25 Jan 2016 22:08

Yes, if the the feelings is not stronger n as well won't caused any damage y not but no in the sense that u know d type of emotion u possess.

25 Jan 2016 22:20

This is what people love to hear, b/f nd g/f. Hmm when the country is going from bad to worst, una dey here, dey talk about ex b/f nd ex g/f what a pity. God have mercy on us oo

25 Jan 2016 22:21


26 Jan 2016 01:14

I go stil dey frnd hr as my frnd...e no change mi..

26 Jan 2016 06:58

I think there's notin bad about dat.its also happen 2 me,so plz 4giv nd 4get...

26 Jan 2016 13:52

Weve come to d end of dis world ooooo y nt jus serve thy ord b4 is too late

26 Jan 2016 14:45
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