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23 Jan 2016 19:33

As for me, it all depends on if u ready or not, M nt even rushing mysef wen m ready ni o cos
Happily married is different from happy and
Happily married is more like a successful wedding while Happy and married means u find joy nd peace in ur hme. what's ur own view on this my fellow mobonians.....

25 Jan 2016 18:53

Base on her maturity determines gettin married to her or not

25 Jan 2016 18:59

Well as for me a lady should get marry at the age of 24

25 Jan 2016 19:03

gurl23 guys25

25 Jan 2016 20:21

A lady 25 a guy 30

25 Jan 2016 20:44

As for me if tym comes i will marry even if na 23 years old

25 Jan 2016 21:32


25 Jan 2016 22:01

the best age for ladies is 20 years while guys is 25 years.

25 Jan 2016 22:02

the best age for ladies is 20 years and above while guys is 25 years and above.

25 Jan 2016 22:58

Marriage requires both mental, moral, physical, spiritual, emotional and financial maturity from both the lady and the guy.

So as at today 2016, the best age range for a lady to marry is: between 26 - 30, and for guys, from 30 - 36.

Marrying a girl below 25 comes with lots of troubles and youthful exuberance; allow her to experience both negative and positive sides of life and dream to marry, or else u will regret marrying her.

25 Jan 2016 23:26

Normal age for gals z 4rm 19yrs n above 4 boyz 4rm 30yrs n above

25 Jan 2016 23:37

Men 30 ladies 25

26 Jan 2016 01:13

Stil reasoning

26 Jan 2016 03:33

18 Years For Both Boys And Girls .

26 Jan 2016 04:25

As soon as you are mature enough to handle marital issue and tackle challenges in marriage maturely,I don't think its compulsory that you must attain a certain age before getting married . when you think you are not mature enough and rejecting every men that comes your way, you may later regret because the right person may come and go before you realized, you may later beg for someone to marry you. though, am not advicing you to marry at tender age but don't waste much time waiting for a right partner, once you are a good person, God knows the best for you, he will grant you your heart desire, he will certainly give you a good partner. Age alone doesn't make one wise and not only the old ones understand what is right, most young married couples have peace than the mature ones because the both parties (husband and wife) will always want to claim maturity and always have misunderstanding on who. deserves more respect especially if both are rich!

26 Jan 2016 08:55

can a man of 40 marry a lady of 23,24,25,26?

26 Jan 2016 10:16

Hmm mm!!! Enough.... What u need is MATURITY

26 Jan 2016 11:23

hnmmmm! see comments rolling and pumping but it seems most mobonians are hammering on age 25 and above for d girls and 30 upward for the boys but Am in support of those that are of the view that age is not to be looked at when talking about marriage, maturity is very essential.

26 Jan 2016 11:28

#Remember, if u are looking @ age and u rush into marriage then u will rush out in no time....

26 Jan 2016 11:47