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23 Jan 2016 17:22

Distance relationship; a curse or a blessing? Give a reason(s).

25 Jan 2016 10:12

Wait oo does it mean that we don't have any important topic, apart from relationship, love, nd so on. I have post some topic in this platform about our evil leaders we have in this country, but the mobo crew would approve it. Our government is using us to enrich their self. A country were the rich get richer nd the poor get poorer, we the youth is doing nothing about this. We're here talking about love nd relationship. Listen guys I think it's time to face realities for life. God bless you all.

25 Jan 2016 16:31

True talk. But where do we start, we need an advice.

25 Jan 2016 18:59
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25 Jan 2016 22:28


25 Jan 2016 23:28

Is a blessing if der is truth in both of U

26 Jan 2016 01:16

I rest my case

26 Jan 2016 19:41

embrace Biafra today and joined fight for your wright and freedom.. Biafra republic is the only solution be ur own boss

27 Jan 2016 01:57

Pls, if its avoidable, avoid distance relationship in marriage. God didn't make it dat way. I am talking out of experience. It is full of temptation and suspicion

27 Jan 2016 19:23

If we are to fight against those people,we start from the grassroot by neglecting all those politicians and bring up our own man that we knw that he will do what we want,not only that and also fight for us in time of it.Then we can change the World.

28 Jan 2016 14:53

I hate d name biafra coz my fiance is igbo so if nigeria seperate bfr i marry her,am i goin to search fr anoda gal wen i always pray to God not to let me go nd toast a gal agn in dis wrd.