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20 Jan 2016 13:38

I hear some ladies claim that they do nt keep female friends.some of dos dat are married also claim dat their husband are their best friend......wonderful!:however,it is not for nothing that life made provisions for girl friends.Believe me,if you are blessed with good ones,it is priceless.Men are nt meant to fill the gaps that female friends shoud fill in your life and whether or not you like it....when you dump all your "friendship needs" on one person you begin to overwhelm them.Different friendships serve different purpose in your Lives.The reason some marriages seems boring is bcoz the individuals involved taking themself too seriously.A lady shuts out her girl friends (Mst Of Whom She Has Known all Her Life).Except a friendship is toxic to your overall goodness,make efforts to keep your Friends.Trust Me,they will come handly when you need a little distraction from the "Seriousness" of Married Life. "To Be Continue".
Regards: ICON

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21 Jan 2016 11:03

hmmmnnn, I don't see anything bad in ladies keeping a male friends...

21 Jan 2016 12:34


21 Jan 2016 17:23


21 Jan 2016 21:47

Hello dey kul

21 Jan 2016 22:38

There is nothing wrong in someone having his/her spouse as their besties.

22 Jan 2016 00:57

Hmn,u're right anyway bur dats nt ulter briviledge 2 dump ur old time friends n if u do,u'll need dem someday.

22 Jan 2016 04:28

Friends are important unless yu lack the capacity to keep them @ bay whenever they tend to exceed their bounds bcos some are funny.

22 Jan 2016 19:06


23 Jan 2016 12:46

I don't see anything wrong with a female keeping a male frenind

23 Jan 2016 18:39

i like kiping male friend n they is nothing wrong wit dat

23 Jan 2016 20:13

positive mind! Positive act...

24 Jan 2016 07:35

as we knw in dis life some are sain d true why some are lain both d men an woman both d girl an boy%!

24 Jan 2016 08:59

Well to me both male and female friends are good to kept nd handle wt care cos u dnt kno who is who ,u may need one another someday