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18 Jan 2016 11:09

let all have some sense of decency. how is it that you collect a number online and your dick brain start controlling you. my number is online because of the job advert I pasted, there isn't a space where I specify searching for a guy. even if you want a relationship, employ the right approach. it a pity, the kinds of people we have this day are mentally derailed. must it all be about relationships? gosh, it not even relationship a whole bulk of you want but to satisfy the lecherous beast in you. a guy chatted me up by name quadri. all he could do is ranting up and insulting his folks. I presume he was high on some fake drugs. if you don't have anything useful to discuss, spare me your junks please. Let there be an evidence of your education or better still your training as taught by parents. You don't know who is who.

21 Jan 2016 20:33

Good advice

1 Apr 2016 18:57

True talk