Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - Raw warnings to the guys!!!
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15 Jan 2016 01:18

Raw Warning To The Guys...........
..You smoke
cigarette, weed, you drink
alltypes of alcoholic.You
are sent to high school/
university, you go there,
you join cult groups, you go after
every girl, you
sleepwith them & abandon them,
you carry gun,
you go outwith your gang, you
go to rob people,
you rape your female
victims,impregnate some in
the process, you murder the
'stubborn' ones,you
collect money, you go and
assassinate people...In
your area, you are known &
feared each time you
exchange words with anyone,
you organise your
gang & lay ambush on the
person and beat him/
her mercilessly, you get initiated
in every bad guys
groupon campus, they give you
ranks like
"executioner","capo", etc.You
date any girl you
wish, you don't attend lectures,
you threaten your
lecturers & they pass you in the
exams you did not
write, your parents are athome,
rejoicing 'my son
is in school,your gang tells you
that you are safe
with them,no shaking, you take
all sorts of oaths in
the name of"blending", they flog
you throughout
the night, the make you enter
inside a grave,six or
more guys will be ordered to fill
up the grave while
you try to jump out from it.If you
succeed in
jumping out, fine, if you don't
succeed, you will be
buried alive, they use hot iron to
give you
marks,all in the name of
transforming you into a
man..You don't ask yourself
"what is the essence
of these pains am passing
through?", "how much
salary will I be paid?", "where will
this lifestyle lead
me?","if i die here, what will be
my fate". All you
want is to answer a 'deadly'
guy,"badoo", you
forget that if anything happens
to you now, those
friends who tell you that you are
safe will abandon
you.Life is too short thou, the girl
you are having
sex with,you don't know where
she belongs, she
may be from the water.You are
just taking in
smoke into your body,drinking
poisons, things that
will make your life shorter, in the
name of "getting
high".Your heart is hardened that
you cut
yourfellow human being without
mercy, youshed
blood without feelings, after all
'he is our enemy',
which enemy is he?,
are you fighting for?, do you
know that there is
only 1 life?, do you think that
thosecharms will
protect you forever?.. Now, take a
look atyour life,
smoke, drink, go to operations,
steal, go to night
clubs,sleep with women, that's
all.Do you ever
think of your future?, the
nextthing you will say 'the
government is corrupt,yourself,
how did you make
your bed?, those people who
make you feel like
Commando, one good day, death
will come,your
charms, gang, godfathers,
weapons, will not stop
it.Try to visit mortuaries & see
where bodies which
were very alive before are lying
lifeless,hopeless &
helpless.Nobody comes to bring
them food,
nobody comes to ask them "how
are you doing",
nobody comes to staywith them,
nobody comes to
visit them, they sre abandoned
there till the day
they will be put inside the grave,
where are the
might, power,fame &
connections they had?, their
own has ended.Amend your
ways today & serve
God your creator, live an upright
lifestyle so that it
may be well with you.These
condoms were made
but does notmake you go about
having sex with
girls/women youdid not
marry..You that keep
affairs with old married
women,you sleep with
them, they give you everything
you want, you are
just using your destiny, she will
not keep giving
you forever, one day you'll get
tired but she wont
allow you go freely.Look at what
almost all of you
in music world are preaching
through your videos,
you almost naked girls, you sing
all sorts of
nonsense and the blind media
calls you "celebrity",
you believe that it's the easiest
way to get fame,
yes,you may got the fame but it
will not last, you
will not even enjoy the fame with
peace of mind,at
last, the fame will not be able to
deliver you from
death.God is the best way, serve
him, get a legal
fame, no be joke o.Think about this Guys?