Nigerian forum: Other - What did woman want from a man
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12 Jan 2016 04:26

A boy find a beautiful girl who loved him somuch, but the girl is somehow Illiterate (at times she call this boy to write letters or correct her in spellings) And this boy his a kind of jentle and a shy boy to the extend that he didn't know how to communicate or touching when it comes to boyfrnd & girlfrnd issue. Now this boy has fell in love with this girl and he gave her anything she wanted. They talk to each other sometimes but if the girl don't talk the boy will not speak. In short time, when this girl findout the weakness of this boy she now went to this boy's friend and started toasting him by her self in joke and communicating ( in front of this boy) till the friend showing love to her little by little. Now this boy is feeling alone and feel sorry for him self and always tinking... Guyz any advice for this boy, and can this behavior be change? GUYz PLS ANY ADVICE

23 Jan 2016 23:43