Nigerian forum: Religion - will rapture really take place?
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11 Jan 2016 18:28

This myth people preach about I don't really believe it, because I believe when a person die, your judgment takes places because in this life there is nothing like ghost, because they preach the trumpet will blow the good ones will fly up to heaven while the bad ones will remain damn I don't really buy that story, I only know when you die your judgment takes place.

11 Jan 2016 19:47

Rapture is a fictional tale

11 Jan 2016 21:25

dis z nt fiction... Its a fact !

11 Jan 2016 21:33

Rapture will surely take place..

11 Jan 2016 21:42

Quote by ImperialHighness
Rapture will surely take place..


11 Jan 2016 22:50

Oga matthew. This question you've ask nd you called it myth, nd I know many people here will still say the sometin good. But hear this do you know that somethin like this happen in the time of noah, abt the flood the people still call it a myth, see noah preach for 120 years tellin them abt the rain, but none of them believe him. Do you think that this corrupt world we live in were man dey marry man nd woman dey marry woman and other Abominable things that is going on, on earth God will do nothin abt it hell no, if you read the book of luke 17 verse 26 down to 37, the answer you seek is right there. May God have mercy on our soul.

12 Jan 2016 00:55

Oga charles those are bible stories, you can explain the side where jesus preached to 5000 people without a microphone because we only remember the food part, lemme tell u sometin the world is corrupt that is very clear but you do know you will grow old and die nothing will happen and your lineage will still continue

12 Jan 2016 07:52

Oga matthew. You call it bible stories no problem, is like you're saying from genesis to revelation is a myth. Have you seen a cargo ship how he move in the ocean or the cellphone in your hand the wonder nd mystery behind them. The makers of these thins believe it will work nd it does. So about the 5000 and others that baffles you,with men is impossible not with God, for with God all things are possible. May God have mercy on us.

12 Jan 2016 12:18

i knw one day will be one day trumpet will good to gve ur life to christ today

12 Jan 2016 15:46

The Bible is perfectly right when it says "Only the fools will say there's no GOD"! Folks weather anybody believe or not, there's Heaven N Hell. May God's grace qualify us for entry in Jesus Christ Name Amen.

12 Jan 2016 16:56

Quote by ispeeklyfe
The Bible is perfectly right when it says "Only the fools will say there's no GOD"! Folks weather anybody believe or not, there's Heaven N Hell. May God's grace qualify us for entry in Jesus Christ Name Amen.

12 Jan 2016 17:01

Mr ispeeklyfe nobody said there no God, don't write your confusion here, because I can really phantom how Good people will fly to heaven while the bad ones will remain, will the good people fly with their flesh up to heaven, you too think about it because I believe heaven and hell are meant for spirit

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12 Jan 2016 21:36

Mr mattew u r right 2 some extent bcos hell is originally meant 4 d devil & his demonic spirits bt 4 d humans God created heaven 4 d obedient ones & then later hell 4 d disobedient ones.
However d obedient ones within a twinkle of an eye will drop this mortal body & put on immortal body & join him (jesus) in d clouds & rule & reign with him 4eva in paradise amen.

12 Jan 2016 22:48

These biblical tales are made up to instill fear and control people. It's just a guide book to help people that can't place right or wrong.

12 Jan 2016 23:42

Let him that have ears hear what the spirit say unto the churches

13 Jan 2016 00:09

Mr matthew if u didnt belive in wht dey preach to u y dont u keep it to ur self must u said it to everyone pls,,,,

13 Jan 2016 00:17

in my own opinion rapture will take place because if you look around the world today you can see signs of the endtime wic was confirmed by the book of reveletions so if you are a sinner repent now before it is too late oh the reign of the antichrist is drawing nearer REPENT

13 Jan 2016 00:21

Dnt corrupt d people dat belive u were suppose to b winin souls to god i wonder y ur nam is cal matthew instied of juden

13 Jan 2016 00:54

Pls When People Die There Don't Go To Heaven There Go To Pocatry Or Pocketry That Is Why The Say On That Day The Death Will Rise And Face Judgment Be4 The Living So No Body Face Judgment Now On Still That Day So Ghost Is Real

13 Jan 2016 01:19

i bliev u ar nt an antichrist, who ar ur parent? nd what do dey bliev upon, rapture s nt waitg for animal bt pple like u nd me to repent n any area we hav sin against GOD, nd b ready always, 2peter3:9-14, Rev3:2-3