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11 Jan 2016 16:16

Napoleon Hill wrote and I quote "whatsoever the heart of man can conceive and believe, he can achieve"

Do you really want to achieve success in all areas of life?

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11 Jan 2016 17:49

Don't post any link

12 Jan 2016 10:31


12 Jan 2016 12:29

He Only Jesus Can Give You Succes,Money,Child,Good Health,Wealth,Longlife In Life.Don't Be Discv Of Agent Of Satan These Is Sign Of End Time.Plz Only Look On To God,only way is gve ur life to jesus christ today

13 Jan 2016 04:11

Although we have been destined before and our destiny will prevail.still if you belief in your heart that you will be successful,then you can be successful.

13 Jan 2016 06:18

Yessss ooooo

13 Jan 2016 11:47
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13 Jan 2016 18:05
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14 Jan 2016 00:23


14 Jan 2016 12:21

Through JESUS CHRIST the son of GOD if not all ur effort will be a wasted effort.

14 Jan 2016 19:01

God he is all and all and without him we are nothing.

15 Jan 2016 09:19
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16 Jan 2016 19:46

Happy are those who dream dreams nd are ready to pay de price 2 make them come true.

16 Jan 2016 19:48

Empty pocket neva hold anyone back only empty heads and empty hearts can do dat.

16 Jan 2016 19:54

Of course yes. Yu can only achieve something that yu have desired not what someone else forced yu to do.

16 Jan 2016 23:06

Your begining (seriousness) determine your outcome. Be consistent in your diligence.

21 Jan 2016 03:41

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