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10 Jan 2016 17:10

Which state in Nigeria can we get the most
Beautiful ladies????????

11 Jan 2016 18:07

I guess all...

13 Jan 2016 06:22

All the states bcause every girl is beautiful in there on unique way.

13 Jan 2016 06:23

All the states bcause every girls are beautiful in there on unique way.

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18 Jan 2016 11:45
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19 Jan 2016 09:25

Calabar Ladies, dey are perfect in all area, cooking,clean and also in d bedroom, sorry to say d yoruba ladies goes around using drugs to englarge back and front, sometimes dey use artificial back and front

19 Jan 2016 09:33

Beauty lies in d eyes of d beholder, ur choice of woman may not tally with mine, that being said, I can that all states in Nigeria has very beautiful, elegant n charming ladies. Nigeria is richly endowed