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10 Jan 2016 02:34

From the history of the church,we read that many people were killed by either beheading or burnt or thrown to lions and tigers to be devoured for failure to renounce their faith.Especially in Constatinople where the likes of Zwinglin, Urich,Perpetual and her baby were burnt.Thousands paid that costly price with their lives.Now assuming that you are among the captured people and all of you are on the line and all those ahead of you have either been beheaded or thrown to the lions or burnt, when it comes to your turn,would you face these horrible death or simply renounce your faith and stay alive? Pls be sincere.

11 Jan 2016 21:12


17 Jan 2016 09:15

In life, one way the other, our faith get tested by temptation & everyday we fall short of the Glory of God when we sin.
Renouncing ones vow is d hardest thing to do in life, is worst than a dog going back to its vomits. Its is said in the book of Revelation, during d reign of d anti-christ that Renouncing of your vow will be tested by your Faith in God, thats u either choose to b its follower or d follower of Jesus Christ.
Well the bible also thought us that having Faith is the first step to salvation and with God's Mercy, acompanying with is Grace we shall overcome every temptation that comes our way.
For i myself, i will stand in judgment alone, so i speak for myself & not for many. For i pray when that day will come, when my Faith will get tested by Renouncing of my vow, i will have Hope in Christ, Grace in his love, Mercy in his eyes so that my FAITH will be like a muster seed to stand firm in my word & in my hrt to say NO, I AM A FOLLOWER OF JESUS CHRIST & THERE FOR CAN'T RENOUNCE MY VOW.

17 Jan 2016 22:56

My dear,you have not answered the question.I mean practically in front of the executioners.Renounce your faith and live but refusal means total darkness for you in a second. THIS IS SHARP,SHARP NOW, OR YOU ARE HISTORY.

20 Jan 2016 13:19

yes I will neglecting sweet things around and let God prove himself