Nigerian forum: Religion - That Moment In Church When You Dance Like King David.
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9 Jan 2016 21:37

2 Samuel 6:14 : And David was dancing
before the LORD with all his might, and
David was wearing a linen ephod.
I was in a church last Friday and i gladly
danced GODWIN dance moves as well as etigi and it will surprise you how they all looked at me with one funny eyes.
Sometimes i imagine what it feels like to dance with all your might because as a good dancer and one who loves dancing so much,i can't remember anytime in the past where i have danced with all my might. But the truth is that as Christians, we have allowed timidity of expression before GOD to rob us the privilege of teaching the world great dance steps.
I have been dancing sekem since 1997 but today if i do that same step, the members will tag me worldly.
Dancing according to Wikipedia is a
performance art form consisting of
purposefully selected sequences of human movement.
I do not understand why we should stereotype certain dance steps as worldly and probably some as heavenly because to me, dance is dance and it may even come as a surprise that most of these dance steps these circular
artistes give names have always been there from time memorial and many of these dance steps are actually the native dance steps of some people like the etigi dance which is a calabar dance as well as the makossa which is the dance of the duala people in Cameroun.
David danced with all his might and for
such to happen he must have thrown all
caution to the wind and must have
invented many dance steps like azonto,etigi,galala,shoki,sekem and many
Judging from the description of the way king David danced, i can say without any fear of contradiction that im yet to see anyone in any christian gathering danced half the way he did and even more annoying is the way Christians
move their body whenever they sing the song "when the spirit of the lord....i will dance like David danced".
My admonition to my fellow Christians is to emancipate ourselves from self imposed perpetual bondage of timidity,lets free ourselves and lets invent new dance steps from the church and not be imitators of dance steps that were re-enacted and renamed by the circular world. Lets learn to dance at least half the way King David danced.

3 May 2016 12:37

Yeah.. I love Dancing... But lately I am loosing interest in Dance

3 May 2016 23:43

Quote by Mic0019
Yeah.. I love Dancing... But lately I am loosing interest in Dance

Y, if I may asked?