Nigerian forum: Religion - Did God create water?
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8 Jan 2016 10:21

According to genesis 1 vs 2 it said the earth was without form and void darkness and water covered the earth, then the spirit of God moved upon the the surface of the water, you see that point that means water exist before the creation began, now who made the water

8 Jan 2016 15:30

8 Jan 2016 17:19

My brother the answer to this question you ask is in that same genesis, chapter 1vs1, which says. In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. So the waters nd everything you see made up earth including you. In vs 2, were you take your question from. What's happen is sometime when you create or made something nd is not up to the way you want it to be,what will you do, you will simply made it again to your own standard or quality, so that's what happened in. Vs 2. May God bless you all.

8 Jan 2016 17:32

Question... When next u want 2 read ur bible, ask God 4 direction first

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8 Jan 2016 19:33

It was stated in the Holy Qur'an that ALLAH(SWT) creats humanbeings as well as natural resources both inside water,on the ground and on air.

8 Jan 2016 20:18

Only God can create it. He created this world and everything beneath it.

8 Jan 2016 21:10

Yes God did, in Gen 1 vs 1...sayin in d beginin God created d heaven & d earth. so water is part of d earth.

9 Jan 2016 02:00

Pls my dear Olalekan 186.Since you quoted frm the Holy Qu'ran shows that you can help to unravel these puzzles.(1) Historically Christianity seniors Islamic by 600 years but why is it that all the Jewish prophets of the Bible are also the major prophets in the Qu'ran?(2) The first miracle of Yeheshua Christo in the Qu'ran was when Christ was newly born and was on the arms of his mother Mariam(Mary) still suckling when he spoke to save his mother from being stone to death for giving birth to a baby without a husband why in the Holy Bible was when he turned water to wine at a marriage in ca'naan.(3) The Holy Bible recorded that God asked Abraham (lbrahim) to sacrifice his son lsaac born by Sarah but the Qu'ran recorded that it was Abraham(lbrahim) eldest son lshmael born by Sarah's maid Ha'gar that God asked Ibrahim to sacrifice. I am a bit confused here my dear readers.

9 Jan 2016 04:16

AGMS, inbox me n i wil enlighten u.

9 Jan 2016 06:59

a good question
Everything created by God. awesome

9 Jan 2016 13:28

That is the reason why you people should believe that we are serving this same God but in different way

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9 Jan 2016 13:34
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9 Jan 2016 14:13

As a scientist i would say no it was just nature

9 Jan 2016 14:58

read and interprete to understand, read psalm 24:1 , Psalm 146:6, Deuteronomy 10:14 Gen 1:1 and. Gen 1:6 to 7 then sum it up to interpreted.

9 Jan 2016 21:47

When the Bible says "my people PERISH
for LACK of KNOWLEDGE", you've got to
realise that in the beginning God created heaven and earth which simply implies that all that exist beneath and underneath the earth are also created by God. shikenah.

9 Jan 2016 22:46

God created everything and the earth is the Lord and the fullness thereof

10 Jan 2016 07:35

(1)all the prophets including Muhammed(S.A.W) are prophet Ibrahim's family.From prophet Yakub to Isa(JESUS) came from prophet Isiaq(Isaac) but prophet Muhammed(S.A.W) is from Ismaheel.

10 Jan 2016 07:38

(2)use yourself as an example,if you help your mother when you are young and help somebody when you are matured enough,which help will you count as the first help you did ever in your life.

10 Jan 2016 12:10

yesoooooo because of us.

10 Jan 2016 16:06

Yes dear