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6 Jan 2016 09:27

Who cheat most in relationship, is it the man, or the lady, and why?

6 Jan 2016 11:14


6 Jan 2016 12:39

Both. Anyway, depending on ur definition of cheat. A true person is always trustworthy both men & ladies.

6 Jan 2016 13:05

Ladys becuase dy taink are lak a tshet in a maket sqau

6 Jan 2016 13:31

Hmm. That's the reason I leave my girlfriend. Cause I don't cheat. But my take on this is 50/50.

6 Jan 2016 15:13

Both men nd women cheat.
i observr something, ppl say we have more gals dan boi in the world, bt 95% of ladies who are not married have more dan 2 boyfriends.
So convience me dat ladies dont cheat most in a relationship.

6 Jan 2016 15:16

how will i know bcos i dnt hav any girlfrienhow will i know bcos i dnt hav any girlfriend.

6 Jan 2016 16:05

Na God known oo.

6 Jan 2016 17:16

both do cheat.

6 Jan 2016 17:46


6 Jan 2016 18:42

As 4me is a girl dat is d main issue y i leave my girl she did'nt worth me@all.but am also happy dat we did'nt av sex.

6 Jan 2016 19:12

D men cheat pass cus we Don't depend on 1 lady duel to d were D̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊γ̲̣̣ lie

6 Jan 2016 20:08

6 Jan 2016 21:08
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6 Jan 2016 22:42

how r u

7 Jan 2016 01:43

Mostly men has higher percentage rate than women

7 Jan 2016 02:54

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7 Jan 2016 07:07

we guys always cheat because we av already know ladies that they always if we are tired of one( our girlfrnd) we make are leave on her own by making are jealous.

7 Jan 2016 08:14
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