Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - See How Ladies Are Killing Internet Love
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6 Jan 2016 08:47

Hi guys, Happy New Year. I wish all honest and sincerely single people searching for a partner the best of God's favour this New Year in their search for love.

I pray all sincerely single guys and ladies find a good partner before Easter.

I want to address an issue here. Ever since I joined this site, I noticed that ladies don't reply messages...even an ordinary hi....internet is supposed to be a good medium for sincerely single people to find good mate. especially those that feel shy approaching the opposite sex in real life but the opposite is the case today.

I have seen and heard many happy couples today who met online...yet many are single praying for a partner yet they ignore hi online without even giving an opportunity to know who the guy is and what he's up to...very bad. yes I know some bad guys have spoilt the image of guys but still give other guys the benefit of doubt cos u never can tell.

Another thing I heard from people is that ladies tend to reply guys who put rich profile pics or put up cars and big houses on their profile pictures....ladies listen up: no real guy out for good will be flashing whatever he has online....when a guy wants to find genuine love, he even hides his identity....stop accepting guys based on how rich and fine their pictures are...learn from your mistake...give guys a chance...good products don't always come in flashy careful.

Internet is a good medium for single people to meet and start up a or whatever....lets not destroy it....internet is good if you are honest and not greedy. be real...dont be greedy...above all, pray!

I pray we all find love sooner this year in Jesus Christ name....amen! cheers

6 Jan 2016 09:46

Thanks dailynews for dis piece of advice,some ladies end in be d victim of scammer b'cos of their attitude and their ways of searching for a rich guy,unknowingly that not all what is gilters are gold.
It's too common among those girls on mobofree some wil even visit ur profile after received ur msg bt they won't reply,they're looking for rich guy that will take them cheap at the end they'll update their profile that "All Men Are The Same"why won't this happened to u?it will happen b'cos u've taken urself as nonentity,u need to change and u must change b'cos dis is 2016.

6 Jan 2016 10:05

Tru talk guys

6 Jan 2016 10:16

@DoroYoung....greed is the major reason people fall into the wrong hand in life. if u are greedy, u will end up meeting the wrong business partners....the wrong romance partners and may end up marrying the wrong person.

Money is good...we all wanna live a happy life free of debt and lack...but being too forward and greedy about it has led many ladies into falling for playboy's and guys after temporary fun.

Fortunately or unfortunately....i can boldly say that I have good and bad friends...I have very and also broke guy friends...and I have learnt a lot from them when it comes to women issues.

It is not bad for a lady to desire to date and marry a rich or comfortable guy....but how u go about it as a lady will determine if u will find that rich or comfortable guy.

Sometimes that ordinary looking guy u ignored may be rich....average or comfortable financially and maybe bcos he didn't pose with a big car or beside a fine house or bar or beach....u ignore him and keep running after guys using their friends stuff to attract women.

Ladies need to be and stop being greedy and give all guys a fair chance and see what he has in store for them.

You maybe dating a rich guy but u are his number 50 girlfriend....while an average guy is begging u to come be his number 1 whom he will spend all he has on and u keep ignoring him...I do pity ladies sha cos most are ignorant of their acts

6 Jan 2016 10:30

I Can Never Stop Saying This Majority Of Ladies Today Prever To Marry Money Than The Owner Of The Money That Is Why You See Many Broken Marriages After A Year Of Marriage But When There Is True Love They Both Endure And Face The Problems To Prevent Broken Home.

6 Jan 2016 11:11

Eh yah! Kpele

6 Jan 2016 12:37

That is true.

6 Jan 2016 12:51

Hmm. Guys i thank you all for this. But the question is will they listen or stop this madness the answer is no, we are leaving in the generation where ladies run after material things, even the married once lost after their friends husband, nd the unmarried once, oh. Nothing to write about them, they ain't going to stop cause is their nature remember mama eve in the garden of eden,God ask them not to eat the fruit. Did eve listen no, so the ladies in this generation will not listen, but I tell you this they will not go far for this their pugnacious characters, guys we are wasting our time here. May God have mercy on souls.

6 Jan 2016 15:11

dat true my dear

6 Jan 2016 16:14

All dis u are saying no b all ladies o

6 Jan 2016 16:22

Both the ladies and the guys their all one

6 Jan 2016 16:23

Then the second thing s ladies on internet are liers

6 Jan 2016 16:25

I love this talk

6 Jan 2016 16:40

nice one

6 Jan 2016 16:49

Hmmm....... When will u guys say something good about ladies? Does it mean that all the ladies are money conscious? Majority of them have fallen into wrong hands that claim to be caring whereas they are crook. Am not in anyway supporting the way and manner some of them behave period.

6 Jan 2016 17:11

U all z it well bt remba dat as it is 4ladies so also guys v seen mny guys run afta ladies just cos of wot 2get frm her n purposely cos of wot is under d skirt, infact all animals r equal. May God help us.

6 Jan 2016 17:31

I am not saying that guys are saints...of course guys are equally bad....I am only pointing out some of the reasons why most ladies miss out from meeting guys who would treat them like their queen. And again, I am not saying ladies should date or marry only broke whoever your mind desires so u can be satisfied...but the problem is the way ladies go about looking for financially buoyant guys makes guys to treat ladies anyhow and not value them. I have rich friends....and the way they treat ladies do make me sad because most of those ladies could have been with an average guy who truly value them...and ready to worship the ground they walk on but because of ladies' love for material things and money....they run after rich guys who treat them like trash and lack of respect. Money is good...we are working and doing business to live happy life and provide for the people we love but we shouldn't allow our love and greed for money and material things to carry us away, that's all I am saying.

Lastly again...the way ladies ignore messages from guys online maybe because the guy didn't put rich picture or picture making him look rich and maybe is really appalling because I am sure most ladies must have ignored guys who maybe their saviour just because the guy didn't come in flashy way.

My advice to all single nice to all guys who say hi or approach you respectfully and politely irrespective of how broke their appearance maybe. I have seen rich guys who don't look rich from afar...not all fat men with pot belly are rich o...make una shine una eyes o....that slim simple looking guy might be more loaded than that fat Dangote-look-alike you are rushing to reply his hi or hello online and in real life....i speak from personal experience o....una well done o lol

6 Jan 2016 17:35

Quote by Amicable12
Hmmm....... When will u guys say something good about ladies? Does it mean that all the ladies are money conscious? Majority of them have fallen into wrong hands that claim to be caring whereas they are crook. Am not in anyway supporting the way and manner some of them behave period.
You are very correct amicable....but please read my messages carefully and get my point. I am not saying all ladies are after money or that guys are all the way, we are hustling to make money so we can spend it on people we care for and admire, so no complain....

I am mostly talking about how ladies ignore guys' honest approach online or offline for reasons best known to them which I later learnt from both ladies and guys that when a lady feels a guy isn't financially able to her desire from how he she usually ignores his message but replies those she feels are financially loaded and at the end...she gets used, dumped and heart-broken and she runs back blaming all men to be the na when she made her choice out of selfish desires and greed? lol

6 Jan 2016 18:33

Na wa oh. See guys castiagating ladies. Guys , u dat is talking, check urself. B4 running ur mouth abt d opposite sex.

6 Jan 2016 18:50

True Talk