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6 Jan 2016 08:12

What is the causes of lack of co-operation btw husband n wife in d family

6 Jan 2016 09:58

(1)Lack of understanding
(4)Irresponsibility & Many More
If this used to happen btw husband and wife they should seek for counselling

6 Jan 2016 11:17


6 Jan 2016 11:36

If The Woman Is Not Submissive,nagging And The Man Is Authoritative,when Both Lack Forgiving Spirit And Bad Communication.

6 Jan 2016 12:43

D spirit of lordship

6 Jan 2016 17:26


6 Jan 2016 20:23


6 Jan 2016 22:32

My name is syvia I am 26 years of age I am fair in complexion I am just looking for a man that we be with me in my entire without dumping me for any girl I only need a perfect relationship.

7 Jan 2016 08:13

The problem is that did both of them how to apologize when one of them make mistake.

7 Jan 2016 08:18

2nd thing is that:Did they marry because of their love towards other not because of one's wealth.

7 Jan 2016 08:21

Did they marry each other because of their family relation or family background.

7 Jan 2016 08:22

All what I just said destroy many home nowadays.

7 Jan 2016 14:06

Looking For A Perfect Relationship It Means You Are Also Perfect Syvia

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7 Jan 2016 14:14

Toscori no one is perfect.

7 Jan 2016 15:10
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9 Jan 2016 22:57

Give me ur phone number,so we can chat better?

9 Jan 2016 23:08

A broken home is caused by lack of understanding.once there is an understanding the two couples kwns how to settle when conflic arose.