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5 Jan 2016 22:57

It was midnight wen Akpors is drunk and decided to go home wen he got home he knocked and his wife told him to go and sleep frm where he his coming frm. so he think about wat to do and alas he took a big stone and threw it inside the lake beside his house then his wife got up to see wat was happening....Akpors hidding behind the door quickly entered and locked the door. his wife knoked and akpors said u will tell me where u are coming frm with only bra and pant!

6 Jan 2016 10:01

Vry funi

6 Jan 2016 10:17


6 Jan 2016 12:19

Lol... wat a clever guy

6 Jan 2016 16:59

Dat is gud

10 Jan 2016 19:58