Nigerian forum: Jokes - Akpos and the teacher
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5 Jan 2016 22:44

Teacher : (challenging his
students) Almost all of you
believe that there is God, is
that true?
students: yes
Teacher: okay, who among
you has ever seen God?
Students: Nobody
Teacher: If nobody has ever
seen God that means there is
no God
(akpos raises up his hands
and runs in front of the class)
Akpos:hey, excuse me my
fellow students who among
you has ever seen our
Students: Nobody
Akpos:Okay, If there is no
one who has ever seen our
teachers brain it clearly means
that our teacher has no brain!

6 Jan 2016 10:14

Wow! What a clever boy...

6 Jan 2016 12:47

That answers it all.

6 Jan 2016 15:56

cunny answer

6 Jan 2016 16:58

Dat is it