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5 Jan 2016 14:38

Two Things Most Ladies Ask From Men Money And Recharge Card But Never Ask For True Love But Why?Can This Stop?

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5 Jan 2016 18:42

Only gridy nd money concious weman ask for money nd rechage card

5 Jan 2016 19:17

Some women never knew what next to b loved after money & r/card they used d word "I LOVE U" to deceived some men to get irrelevant things for their self needs that is not last long.
Most of them have sold their birthright b'cos of d love of money,may d Lord change their mind and put them to the right part

5 Jan 2016 19:23


5 Jan 2016 19:54

Amen.You Said It All

5 Jan 2016 22:30


5 Jan 2016 22:32

Is better you ask for what you can get because, men are not ready to offer any true love.

5 Jan 2016 22:37

You Are Right That Is Why Marriage Never Last This Day Like Before

6 Jan 2016 00:06

It only greedy women dat do dat

6 Jan 2016 00:15

nice talk

6 Jan 2016 02:11


6 Jan 2016 03:03

Attention all spinsers. The pride of a woman is to get a good husband.But l must tell you today that you cannot get a good husband by exposing half of your breasts,dressing half naked and worst of all, being in every club house.But you will always see men rushing after you for love making but not for marriage because it is believed that these class of ladies cannot make a good matrimonial home.Keep yourself decent and men will locate you even in a hole because the golden fish cannot hide.And those of you who would see a man for the very first time and begin to complain of 'No credit in my phone.No money to re-touch my hair etc, pls take note that you are just telling the world that you are not a wife material but extortioner.A woman's years of bearing children is very short.So as from 20 years try to accept one of those numerous suitors or else at the end you will be like those ladies who visit all night and every prayer house in search of fruit of the womb. Ladies continue to count your years to avoid menopause before marriage.REMEMBER, A WORD IS ENOUGH FOR THE FOOL BECAUSE HE CANNOT UNDERSTAND IF THEY ARE MANY.BUT MANY WORDS FOR THE WISE.HE CAN UNDERSTAND THEM ALL. I love you all is time to change.

6 Jan 2016 06:25

nice talk

6 Jan 2016 06:59

You Talk Sense Maybe They Will Change

6 Jan 2016 07:32

Not all ladies

6 Jan 2016 08:37

2ru words

6 Jan 2016 08:41

Hey pple, the main problem with the ladies are:
Firstly, they don't know the real meaning of "LOVE" cos they just think it just a mere word.
Secondly, they don't know what precisely and specifically what they want from their man, they will start being serious in the relationship in beginning but will start changing to another colour with their behaviour.
Thirdly, 95% of ladies belief that if u don't give them money,recharge or other material things that means the guy doesn't "CARE" for them. We guy needs money and credit too.
Lastly, the issue of a guy having than one girlfriend is cos by all these reasons. So I pray that God will allow them to hear and listen and change then being like the over sabi ladies

6 Jan 2016 12:24

Not All Ladies.
Dnt U Knw Men Do That.

6 Jan 2016 12:27

Ok,wat do u like to ask frm men

6 Jan 2016 12:46

I wonder y some ladies ask of recharge cards and money,they use the word I love u to trick guys but pretending in order to empty d guys pocket and after move forward,dats wen u call her number sometimes switch off or she never pick. Some ladies will be somewhere claiming dat she is in school willing to come home for holiday but no money dats wen dey send u her number or she flash you in order to call her back and ask for money to come back home(as if she don't have perant or relatives "bastard them") shaa guys that fall into dere trap,nah him sabi oo. But 3% of ladies are pure but the 97% hmmmm pray God should change there mind